50 interesting facts about China

What are you thinking about when you say China? In the country with the largest population in the world? Are the clouds in Shanghai hiding the sun from the eyes of the inhabitants? In the panda bridesmaids sympathy? Or to the secrets of ancient millennial Chinese civilization? Since its stunning development and rapidity with which it has become one of the greatest powers of the world, it is impossible to remain indifferent to hearing the name of this country. Everyone knows a little about China and there is nobody who does not want to know more about it. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of 50 curiosities about China in this article that will give you even more interest in this country.


1) In China Facebook has been banned since 2009?

2) In China, 20 million trees are cut each year to make sticks?

3) The “chinese” roasting cakes were actually invented in San Francisco at the beginning of the 20th century?

4) Did Buddhism arrive in China around 500 on the Silk Road?

5) In China 30 million people live in caves?

6) One in five people on the globe is Chinese while only one in 410 is Romanian?

7) According to Chinese mythology, every year, New Year, a sample called Nian comes and eats people?

8) In the last decade, enough homes have been built in China to cover the entire surface of Romania and not to fit all of it?

9) The first Ketchup recipe is Chinese. Is the product called ke-tsiap and is a fish sauce?

10) The largest mall in the world exists in China and it looks like it’s empty … Only 1% of its surface is full of shops?

11) The Beijing Olympics were the most expensive so far and their organization cost 40 billion dollars?

12) Paper money was invented in China?

13) Half of the world’s pig population lives in China, the rest are scattered in all the other countries?

14) China’s railways could surround the globe? Twice!

15) 100 million people in China live on less than $ 1 a day?

16) Nearly a third of the pollution in San Francisco comes from China?

17) Are there regions in China where the sun rises at 10am?

18) In 2010, almost four-fifths of the software installed in China was pirated software?

19) Is there a bridge between mainland China and Macao where machines change the direction of left-hand traffic on the right and vice versa?

20) About one in three pairs of socks currently worn in the world is manufactured in Datang in Zhuji, China, now known as the city of socks?

21) Because of the strict policy that the Chinese families can have only one child, a million female fetuses are aborted annually and thousands of baby babies are abandoned?

22) Is table tennis the national sports in China?

23) If the Walmart American supermarket were a country, would it be the world’s sixth largest importer of Chinese products worldwide?

24) By 2020, it is expected that 40 million Chinese men will not be able to find a life partner because of the low number of women?

25) A new skyscraper is being built in China every five days?

26) Is the word “censorship” censored in China?

27) Is there a trend in China that animal owners paint their dishonest friends to sow with other animals?

28) The vast majority of Chinese people assess the success of their belongings, which is why China has become the most materialist country in the world?

29) In China is consumed annually four million .. cats?

30) From 2011 to 2013, China used more cement than America throughout the 20th century?

31) Is China the only country in the world with four cities whose population exceeds ten million people?

31) In China, women still lonely and at the age of thirty are called “sheng no”, that is … women’s debris?

32) 103 Countries have renounced the death penalty. Exceptions to be taken into account worldwide remain: the United States, Japan and China?

33) In China there were coin-shaped coins and were used between 770 and 220 BC?

34) Although it is forbidden, in China Facebook has 95 million users?

35) Dying a hole to the other end of the world in China, could you reach Chile or Argentina?

36) Because of overworking, 600,000 people die annually in China?

37) Because of his role in “7 years in Tibet”, Brad Pitt is no longer allowed to visit China?

38) In addition to other strangeness, the Chinese also eat fried kitchen beetles?

39) Do Chinese peasants have used ancient bone fossils in dinosaur fossils believing that they come from dragons and have medicinal properties?

40) There are Chinese women with blond hair, blue eyes and white skin. They live in Liquian and the historians speculate that there could have been a Roman settlement there in ancient times?

41) Wang’s most popular family name is Wang, and people wearing him exceed 93 million?

42) In China there are no fewer than 190 billionaires and two million millionaires, one step behind America in the highest number of individuals with extraordinary incomes?

43) Not black, but white is considered in China color of mourning?

44) As a sign of wealth wealthy people in China used to leave their fingernails from their long thumbs. And to protect them, did they wear a kind of “armor” for gold or silver nails?

45) Is Chinese civilization one of the first to use to create works of art such as bronze, jade, precious metals or paper?

46) In ancient China the lotus flower was considered a symbol of purity?

47) Are some of the bricks that make up the Great Wall of China stuck to each other with a mixture of rice?

48) Is carp for the Chinese a symbol of perseverance and its appearance is said to bring with that of a dragon?

49) The Chinese invented toilet paper and origin, it was used only by emperors?

50) Does the porcelain come from China? It is a type of ceramic material produced at very high temperatures.