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Art is everywhere in The County. Drive the spectacular countryside and meet the talented artists and gallery owners who make The County a beautiful place to relax, explore and unwind. With modern galleries, rustic barn studios and everything in between the places you visit will be as diverse as the artists themselves. Explore their artistic journeys and gain insight into their original creations.

Purchase a unique work of art as a keepsake or get your hands dirty at an in-studio workshop. What is art? From my point of view, and I think you agree with me, art is a side of humanity.

It is the representation of what each person feels. Gather faith, thought, personality, power, weakness, good will, all that belongs to that man. It is a gift. Art is everything you have in your soul and mind, everything you can convey to others in an elaborate form.

About art you cannot say that it is “easy” or “heavy”. “Weigh” as much as a man can carry. He represents man in fact, he represents his PERSON.

Art does not mean perfection, it means living. It is not just about an art object or an innate talent, but about what a person can achieve with his whole being. It’s not tangible. It is a matter of the divine.
You have to cross the boundaries of feeling to be about art. You have to be able to reach people with what you do. You must be able to translate yourself through art. You must be able to speak through it and you must be able to live through it.

An artist is a man with abilities. An artist is the one who does not fail when it comes to what he does with his talent. An artist must think and know that he will always be surrounded by people who want things from him. An artist is one who does not want perfection from himself.

He is the one who does not want only fame. An artist is the one who presents himself as a human being. It is the one who translates through what he does and the one who believes in the power of the simple. True art needs real artists. Artists must be modest and simple people. This way they can advance even on a left foot and they will not lose their balance nor will their support pillars be demolished.

What’s going on around us today? The term “art” has become increasingly vague. Instead, the term showbiz-people has grown steep. All “artists” are looking for fame to enrich them.

They no longer want people to live more beautifully through their art. Art weighs no more than the balance of material assets and remains the balance of the entire artistic life truly untouched. People change and they see the vulgar part of the so-called artistic manifestations as normal. In fact, there is no more art in our daily lives. Those who really could do that are excluded. No one is looking inside, we are all blind, we can no longer discover ourselves. Not even through art.

Unfortunately, most often, “art” does not mean anything special, but just a trivial way to try to stand out. No one considers art to be thought or felt anymore. But only produced and used.

My urge is to discover for yourself what true art means, to enjoy it and to make your days more beautiful. Merit!

Taste Trail

Explore the Taste Trail to experience Prince Edward County’s fantastic flavours! Visit local artisan shops and farmers markets to discover handcrafted preserves and locally grown goodness.
Do you like to run?
Pop into a cidery, brewery, or ice-creamery for a cold treat. From pretty Pinots to cool Chardonnays, visit the wineries and taste something new. Enjoy a meal at any of the Taste Trail restaurants and see why The County was coined as Ontario’s gastronomic capital! By living and breathing an artisanal way of life, The County has redefined progress, and we can’t wait to show you how.

Do you like to run?

Run along the trails of Prince Edward County and stop for a tasting of the finest food and drink.

For reasons of health and comfort, you should dress appropriately when running. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are underdressed in a cold weather or without weatherproof gear when the rains come. Here are some important things to consider when shopping for your running apparel:

Running Apparel

  • Running Clothes – If you are new to Running, it is generally alright to wear clothes made of any material, including cotton. But as you progress, you would soon realize that it is not enough to wear Running Clothes made of cotton as that type of material absorbs sweat until it gets soaked with it. Choose instead those which are made of materials that wick sweat away from your body instead of absorbing it. During cold weather, wear clothes that keep you warm which may include a bonnet, long-sleeved garments and a pair of gloves or mittens. As for warm-weather conditions, wear clothes that are made of breathable materials to keep you cool under the sweltering heat of the sun.
  • Running Socks – As a general rule when buying socks, get those which do not absorb moisture to prevent your feet from developing blisters. That kind of material is especially ideal for long distance runners like marathoners and those who run in difficult terrain like trail runners. Meanwhile, there are different types of socks for different kinds of Running activities. For example, trail runners can benefit greatly from thick socks; while on the other hand, Sprinters can opt to use lightweight socks for their type of sport. Choose the type which fits you comfortably.
  • Running Shoes – When shopping for shoes, finding the right fit means finding the shoe that gives you the most comfort. For better results, look for shoes in Running specialty shops. Or if it isn’t available, try a sports specialty store. For even a better success in finding the best pair for you, seek the advice of a foot specialist and have your feet examined.
  • Cap, Sunglasses, Sunscreen – The sun’s rays could be harmful to you especially when you get exposed to it long enough. Therefore, it would be good to wear a baseball cap and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare. Meanwhile, use sunscreen as a protection from its harmful rays.
  • Reflective Clothing – It may be something you wear over your gear or are integrated to it such as the reflective portions of your Running Shoes. Reflective clothing is essential when you are running early in the morning or in the evening. Remember, however, that it only serves as a sort of early warning device to drivers and you should still take an extra ounce of care when running where there is poor lighting.
  • Sports Bra – This is essential to any woman who wants to take up running. That is because it can be painful to run without anything to support the breasts. It is therefore the job of the Sports Bra to minimize the breasts’ movement every time you run, exercise or do any sports activity. If don’t use one, the ligaments in your breasts may eventually become damaged and cause them to sag.

You have seen in this section the basic apparel that you need when running. If you can, try buying those that are made of the best materials available. They may be expensive at first, but they would be beneficial to you in the long time. However, do not focus on your gear too much. Rather, let your good gear be worth your money by coupling it with a good deal of proper training. Their combination would ensure you a good, if not great amount of success.

What you should definitely change in 2020. According to your horoscope

You should definitely change yourself in 2020 according to your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

You should stop being impulsive and learn to rethink your next steps. Then you will have to regret fewer decisions afterwards.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Finding your inner balance should be a top priority in 2020. Meditate, go to yoga or find another activity that brings you closer to your inner peace. Stop stressing yourself and being touched by everything around you. This will help you to not get off your path so easily in the future.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

In 2020, devote more time to people who are honest with you and do you good and less with those who only pretend. You can see through most people relatively quickly, but you often lie to yourself for a long time to keep them in your life. You should no longer do that in 2020 and absolutely change it.

Cancer (June 22nd – July 22nd)

In 2020, you must no longer allow your emotions and mood swings to control you and influence you too much. Do whatever you want and don’t let other people’s opinions and feelings guide you. If you can do that, your life will change for the better.

Leo (July 23rd – August 23rd)

Read more books and develop yourself. Above all, read and internalize books that can challenge you and advance you. You are an ambitious person who knows where he wants to go, in 2020 you should follow your path more consciously and not just keep your plans in mind like last year.

Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

In 2020, you should follow the advice that says “work smart and not hard”. Find a good balance in your life and do not let your everyday life consist mainly of work. There is also a life outside of work and the beautiful side of life could have a positive influence so far that you can find more fulfillment for your soul.

Libra (September 24 – October 23)

In 2020, spend more time on things that make you happy and less on those that give you a headache. Not everything requires a reaction from you, even if you like to deal with everything, but most of it is simply not worth a reaction. Saying no if you don’t want something is no shame.

Scorpio (October 24th – November 22nd)

In 2020, you should invest more time and perhaps money in certain training courses. Be it a foreign language or a cooking class, try to do something and possibly discover new passions. Engage your keen mind, it will thank you.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

The year 2020 is the year in which you will tear down your walls around you. You have protected your heart for a long time from external influences in order to protect yourself from heart pain. This will help you in your unconscious search for true love. You will also build a deeper connection with yourself, which will help you understand yourself and your desires better.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 20th)

In 2020 you have to say more YES and things that you would normally hesitate because you take yourself too seriously and too mature. Dare something and take a chance. Book the plane ticket or just get in the car and drive off without a destination. It could be fun and bring experiences that you would never have had otherwise. Get involved with strangers and have fun in life. Make the most of your year 2020, after all you are only young once.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

In 2020, you should spend more time with yourself, because you will experience some things only if you spend a lot of time with yourself. Get to know yourself, go inside and find the deepest point in your soul. Be alone, eat alone, sleep alone, grow alone and it will make you stronger.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

In 2020, you should use your creativity to develop yourself further in your job. Start doing more things that inspire you to become a better person, and not just because others expect you to. Turn your passions into countable success and live the life that you always wanted to live. It may be a long trip there, but it will be worth it in the end.

Source: Horoscope 2020 – Amour, Argent, Carrière, Santé

The 10 most disturbing prophecies that Nostradamus predicted for 2020

There are a few months left until the end of this year full of unexpected events. But we can still expect surprises, some of them, very unpleasant. This was predicted by Nostradamus.

The French apothecary, prophet, doctor and astrologer Michel de Nôtre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus, made in the 16th century a series of predictions for the future of the world in his book entitled ‘The Prophecies’. Here are some of the predictions, according to several media could be realized before the end of this year:

  1. Nostradamus predicts a Third World War, which will be the largest and longest of those that have been lived so far. It would last 27 years and could coincide with the passage of a comet.
  2. Vesuvius volcano will explode again. Constant earthquakes will shake the planet, in which about 6,000 people will die.
  3. There will be a powerful earthquake in the United States, which will also affect the countries closest to the great power.
  4. “People refuse to pay the tax to the king. On that day many will celebrate freedom in a country that taxes without mercy,” the prophet wrote. These words have been interpreted as a reference to unprecedented tax reform in the United States.
  5. “The rich will die many times,” which may mean that the world economy will collapse throughout this year.
  6. Human life will be prolonged and people can live up to 200 years. When this happens, the octogenarians will look like a 50-year-old person.
  7. Scientists will achieve another incredible scientific breakthrough: we will be able to communicate with animals.
  8. Extraplanetary radiation will burn the Earth: “the sky will open and the fields will be burned by heat.”
  9. Those who want to be parents will have to ask permission. You will not be allowed to have children freely, you will have to get a special license to do so.
  10. There will be no language differences, due to the creation of a new universal language. “After the invention of a new engine, the world will be like in the days before Babel.”

There are those who want to consider him a simple charlatan, trickster, but describing events and providing names and events that have occurred four hundred years after his death, is not available to anyone. He is credited with the success of the capture of the Bastille in 1789, the execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette or the birth, reign and death of Napoleon.

Above all, Nostradamus was very skilled in war conflicts and his numerous interpreters do not hesitate to affirm that his verses already reflected the battle of Lepanto, that of Trafalgar, the war of Spanish independence, the first world war, the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 and until the Six Day War like this:

Six days to the assault on the given city,

The battle will be strong and rough:

three will surrender it and forgive them,

the rest to past fire and blood. (Centuria III, 22)

Except for the reference to six, everything else can fit into any historical event. He also created herbal formulas and culinary recipes with which he cured many patients of diseases considered then irreversible.

His life went on travelling between Narbonne, Toulouse and Bordeaux, absorbing knowledge like a sponge, eager to know everything human and divine.

Later he returned to Montpellier, and finished his studies, obtaining the title of Doctor.

In 1547 he lost his first wife and two children because of the plague. To fight sadness and depression, he travels part of Europe and makes a living by making horoscopes, almanacks, makeup blushes and jams.

Soon, he began to write his famous Prophéties (“Prophecies”), whose first edition, which included seven “centuries”, came to light in 1555.

It was a work written in verse, in quatrains, with a deliberate style dark, enigmatic contents, using an archaic French mixed with foreign words, which tried to guess the future from the 16th century until the end of time.

The bad thing is that they made sense when the event had already happened, that is, they were not useful to prevent anything but to confirm something when that something had already happened.

Wunjo Rune Meaning

It is the eight of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and, in the same time, the last rune from the first set, Frey’s aett.

It represents the sound “W”, a kind of closed vowel, somewhere between the sound of “U” and “W”, as in the English words what – uat, want – uant etc. It is rarely pronounced „V”.

Its name, Wunjo (pronounced Wunya or Unyo) means „ joy, rapture” or „glory”.

In the past, this rune was associated with victory, peace, lack of worries and suffering.

It was even associated with Walhalla, the ancestral citadel where the souls of the warriors went after death to find peace, a kind of temporary Viking Heaven.

Its form is easy to confuse with Thurisaz, therefore we have to keep in mind the differences between the two: basically, Wunjo looks like letter „P”, just as Raidho looks like letter „R”.

It has a mysterious form, but the silhouette of a stylized cup made out of horn can be noticed, which is the symbol of rest and drinking after prolonged effort.

Wunjo is the expression of joy, happiness, peace, harmony, but also the brief success, the illusion of momentary fulfilment and we can interpret it in many ways, depending on the position it is extracted and the field of interest.

In normal position, Wunjo is a very good rune when extracted, predicting a period of rest, peace, comfort and happiness. Depending on the asked question, happiness and contentment can manifest in different forms.

Socially, it foretells plenty of luck and the fulfilment of all the plans we have in the present.

We are satisfied with ourselves and with what we have accomplished and we have very good and harmonious relationships with everyone around us.

Financially, Wunjo announces cheerfulness and earnings, but the best way to describe it is with no worries and no risks.

The couple life is balanced, harmonious, and happy, without quarrels or worries.

In terms of health, this rune brings general health, optimism and zest for life.

For those who are sick, it represents recovery, and for those who are terminally ill, going through a lot of suffering, Wunjo can signify the end, which comes as a release for the dying person and therefore, as a joy.

In reversed position, Wunjo’s benefits are yet to appear and can often be illusory, if not quite actual trouble.

Depending on the asked question, the problems foretold by this rune can take different aspects.

Socially, reversed Wunjo announces the decline from a pretty comfortable position, in which we got used to.

Increased attention is required for those who are taking the benefits of other people work and those who are “working” by doing nothing, because the good days are coming to an end.

Financially, this rune shows loss of money, funds or opportunities of earnings which we believed certain.

Risks must be avoided and we should not get very excited at the first sign of success, because everything can turn at the last moment due to our own exaggerate eagerness and confidence.

Erotically, the rune shows that things in the couple’s life are astray, upside down, there are quarrels, frequent misunderstands and lack of communication.

Appearances are deceiving. In terms of health, it can indicate a declining immune system and affections associated with the vices we nurture.

The principal idea of reversed Wunjo in the medical domain is that not everything that we like is harmful, but especially, not everything that we like is good for us. We indulge in bad and unhealthy habits that slowly bring us down.

URUZ rune meaning and interpretation

Uruz is the second rune of the magic Nordic alphabet. The sound it represents is U, and its name means “Aurochs” or “Wild bull”.

The aurochs was a wild ancestor of domestic cattle, which dominated Europe’s plains up until the Dark Ages.

It was the symbol of primary force, beastly power and freedom. Uruz is the token of free, unchained and often hard to suppress forces, but also of brute energy and vitality.

The graphic symbol represents the silhouette of an aurochs or its horns, although the parts lack equilibrium.

The power is present, with feet strongly fixed in the ground, but it too has an unequal manifestation.

The lack of equilibrium can easily lead to excess and then, to extremes, if the individual isn’t careful at the way power, strength and authority manifest themselves in.

In normal position, Uruz signifies strength, control, self-control, dominion as well as advantage, but also sudden changes.

Being an oscillating rune while in a draught, it brings with itself a particular dynamism and greatly enhances all of the runes it finds itself next to, be them good or bad.

Depending on the question, the changes brought about by Uruz may manifest in different ways. Socially, it foretells a never before seen leap, a flashing ascension and a sharp change regarding assets.

Financially, Uruz announces a substantial and unexpected gain, as a result of a risk previously taken which now pays off, but only for a short while.

The aforementioned gain must be wisely taken into consideration and administered because other risks, motivated by the wish for even greater profit, may bring about losses equally great to the gain, as quickly as before.

In the erotic domain, this rune signifies the primary attraction between two people, beast-like attraction and the purest form of sexuality.

When speaking of a single person, It shows rich adventures filled with passion, which quickly consume themselves.

In the life of a couple, it brings a share of sexual harmony, a lot of passion and complete satisfaction, maybe even revitalizing a struggling couple.

Healthwise, this rune represents strength, vitality and endurance. Uruz is the token of physical strength and vitality, energy and adrenaline, coupled with a will of life which can entirely refresh a man.

In case of disease, the recovery is swift and sudden, coming in a surprising manner.

Reversed, it signifies all of the vices and weaknesses deducted from the aforementioned virtues. Socially, the man is dominated by those around him, lacking in power, and others make decisions in his name.

The mental strength is minimal, as is the will of doing anything. If Uruz signifies the all-conquering force, in reverse position, the exact opposite is true, namely the conquered one.

Financially, it brings about major, fast losses and uninspired risk-taking. Every gain has its time, as does every loss.

In the erotic area, it can resemble ignorance, lack of sensibility, even brutality, but also an erroneous use of energy which can lead to sexual problems, both for men and for women

As for health, it can indicate poor vitality, disease or depression, a total lack of will to live, sadness or anguish.

Sowilo Rune Meaning

It is the sixteenth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and the rune that closes the Heimdall’s cycle, the second set of eight.

It represents the sound “S” and its name, Sowilo (related with the Latin “Sol”), means “Sun”.

Another name of this rune is “Sig” or “Sigel” (Siegel). In the past, the Sun was one of the focal point of veneration, the brightest visible celestial object, on which both natural and human cycles were based on.

Its form is the expression of power and light, the blaze, but it is withal a simplification of the oldest solar symbol: the swastika.

Sowilo is a asymmetrical rune and thus, it cannot have a reversed position. When extracted, it is a profoundly positive rune, often amplifying the force of other runes, which are extracted alongside.

Depending on the asked question, the success, the power and the energy foretold by Sowilo can take different forms.

Socially, it predicts the achievement of goals and social ascension. We benefit from great success, we are valued by our leaders, liked by our colleagues and we gain authority and power of decision.

Sowilo is a rune of leaders, which means that advancement in rank or a promotion in a leading position is possible.

However, we have to be careful with the way we act in such a position and make sure we handle all the responsibilities that come with it.

Financially, we are successful and wealthy. There will be a period of growth and profit, in which we can invest and we can make investments, even the riskiest ones.

We are on the “wave” and luck found its home. We might have pleasant surprises, unexpected gains and unforeseen benefactions.

The money that we lent is paid back and we recover financially from a period of loss and stagnation, which has a positive impact on our mood.

Erotically, the Sun’s rune is quite beneficial. Things are going great, the relationship evolves, the taboos are eliminated and any preexisting asperities are levelled out.

There is good understanding in the couple life and plenty of optimism for the future. Family plans can be made and even a child can occur.

The sexual dynamic is very good, both partners are satisfied. In terms of health, this rune brings a lot of vitality, zest for life, energy and balance.

The positive changes from our life are automatically reflected in our health and vice versa.

We are in full swing, we have good energy, work capacity, optimism and rare joviality which, fortunately for those around us, is contagious. These are those times when we simply shine and nothing can stand against us.

Rune Thurisaz meaning

It is the third of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet. It represents the sound “TH”, a distinctive sound of Germanic languages, including English.

The “T” is pronounced with the tongue touching the upper teeth, sounding very much like “S”.

In English, this sound occurs in words as thing, think, thorn, or thunder, but is very different from the sound “TH” we hear in words as the, there, this, which sounds more similar to the sound “Z”.

The name Thurs means “giant, titan” and Thorn means “spine”. In the Scandinavian tradition, the Thurs were ice giants, primordial beings with tremendous power, which lived in the frozen lands.

Thurisaz is the symbol of their destructive force, brutal power and reactive violence.

In the same time, the rune is associated with the thunder god, Thor, a force of good and defence.

The Thurisaz rune can have extremely different significations, but they are always drastic.

The symbol has the shape of a vertical line, in the right side of which it forms a triangle.

Its shape is the representation of a thorn or a spine, but it could also represent a weapon.

We can interpret it as beneficial or malefic. The beneficial force is represented by Thor’s hammer, named Mjollnir, which helped him generate thunders and defend the humans and the gods from evil forces.

The malefic force is represented by the battle-ax, the sharp halberd of the ice giants with its scathing edge feared by all. Depending on the orientation of the rune, the force can be interpreted in many ways.

In normal position, Thurisaz symbolizes brutal force, the unexpected, the change and needed suffering.

It is an unfavourable rune when extracted, predicting a time of perturbation, fast and relatively unpleasant changes, battles, conflicts and restlessness.

Depending on the asked question, this violent force can take different forms.

Socially, it foretells quarrels, unfavourable changes of situation and trouble.

It is the indicator of the fight for survival, for supremacy and rebellion. The situation demands us to fight for what we want, to animate the inner hero and bring forth its force, courage and warlike enthusiasm.

Financially, Thurisaz represents the great risk based on instinct, which can lead to substantial earnings or ruin.

Usually, this rune warns about impetuosity and lack of reasoning and it is a good thing to pay attention to it when it occurs.

Appeasement of character, a mollification and greater patience are required.

Healthwise, this rune brings a lot of vital force, intense activity and energy. Excesses and exhaustion may exist.

In reversed position, Thurisaz is extremely negative. Socially, reversed Thurisaz predicts disaster, scandal, lost battles, betrayed causes and fast decline from a position of authority.

Financially, this rune shows the unexpected loss of goods or assets, fraud, bankruptcy, prejudice and sometimes even theft.

It is not recommended to take any financial action when this sign occurs, because it is an excellent indicator of disaster.

Erotically, it shows extreme strife, impetuous breakups accompanied or perhaps even caused by the violent or brutal behaviour of one of the partners, especially of the male.

Reversed Thurisaz shows frustrations, guilt, remorse, but also accusations, reproaches and threats.

It is the indicator of revenge and hate between two former partners. In terms of health, it may indicate excess, overstraining fallowed by exhaustion or sickness.

An activity sustained in an unhealthy manner can lead to major disorders at a physical and hormonal level, as well as mentally and energetically.

The individual is susceptible to any kind of attacks, pathogen factors and even violent acts from other people. Physical injuries may occur as a result of fights or even attacks.

Rune Raidho meaning

It is the fifth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet. It represents the sound “R” and its name means “wagon” or “cart”.

It belongs to the same family of the Indo-European RADH root. In the past, the horses and the wagon were the most common form of transportation, the wagon meaning a major journey, in which all the personal belongings of the owner were involved, a temporary or permanent relocation.

Its shape represents, much to our dismay, not a chariot, but the silhouette of a man who is advancing, with one leg firmly standing on the ground and the other stepping forward.

Raidho’s significance is movement, travel and we can interpret it in many ways.

In normal position, Raidho represents all the beneficial changes of situation, progress, achievements and accelerations.

When extracted, it is a very favourable rune, foretelling a period of unexpected precipitations, synchronicities, coincidences meant to make life easier.

Depending on the asked question, the travels, either literal or symbolic, can manifest under different forms. Socially, it predicts significant progress.

We will be able to easily overcome any obstacle and we will do it with amazing skill.

We will advance in our social circle and we will evolve for the better.

Also, changes will occur, which might appear sudden or surprising, but they will all work in our favour.

Financially, Raidho foretells changes and fluidity. It is time to act, to put our instinct to work.

We can lose as fast as we can win. Erotically, Raidho is beneficial and denotes that all things go well, going with fast steps towards an ideal relationship.

Things are happening fast, but naturally, and couple life is full of energy and completely satisfying.

In terms of health, this rune brings health, but also, many changes. Raidho indicates evolution and progress and, in our case, recovery, energy and resistance.

In reversed position, Raidho personifies not only obstacles or setbacks, but also the wrong paths we sometimes follow.

Depending on the asked question, trouble can manifest under a different aspect.

Socially, reversed Raidho announces crises, delays, procrastination, unfulfilled promises. It is time to set aside the big plans and to focus on personal improvement.

Financially, this rune displays significant income depreciation, overdue payments, inactivity and lack of profit.

Under any circumstances, it is not the time for new investments, it is rather the time to show more patience and to reappraise the available opportunities, avoiding radical decisions as much as possible.

In terms of health, reversed Raidho may indicate crises, rigidity and immobility.

A poor state of health can limit our mobility or can literally lock us inside the house.

It is possible to get critically ill, and in terms of mental and emotional health, there is a predisposition for melancholy, depression and pathological introversion.

Rune Perthro meaning

It is the fourteenth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and, in the same time, the sixth rune of the second Aett.

In the past, destiny was associated with a mysterious dice game played by gods.

Luck seemed as random for those who didn’t know the laws of Universe as the dice game, but the old wizards had the knowledge of all the possibilities and all the combinations of possibilities of the dices.

If the dice is the good luck or bad luck of the human being, the cup used by the old ones to mix the dices is the supreme unknown in which the destiny of the world is mixed, decanted and decided.

Its shape depicts a cavity, an opening and we can interpret it in many ways. The glass or the cup are representing, from the oldest times, the depths of interpretation, the knowledge.

Socially, it foretells a rebirth, a rebinding of some connections we thought long lost.

We return with new forces, we have a lot of things to do and we feel reborn, reinvigorated

. We have fresh energy and a capacity of work that suits very well the new responsibilities, which are coming to test our devotion and dedication.

Financially, beneficial and sometimes unexpected changes take place. After periods of financial stress and stagnation, money are starting to flow again, the comfort is increasing, our debtors remember us and honour their promises, sometimes with unexpected interest, to reward our kindness and patience.

The little that we have becomes substantially richer and we recover the joy of work.

Erotically, things are going great, harmony, understanding and peace are prevailing.

The couples are rediscovering themselves, falling in love again, and discovering something new every time they look at each other.

The ones that are single or the adventurers have new love conquests and a sexual life extremely active.

In terms of health, this rune brings healing and recovering from a long-term sickness.

We have our hopes up for better and we regain our optimism. We get back on our feet and we regain our strength, zest for life and we are grateful for our recovery.

In reversed position, Perthro announces muddy situations in which, most often, we sink from our own fault.

Depending on the asked question, the changes and the teachings can manifest under different aspects.

Socially, reversed Perthro predicts loneliness and obscurity. We are not as memorable as we would like to believe, we are pushed, from one reason or another, in the shadows, our opinions are overlooked and we get the feeling that we are not even noticed by the people around us.

This can lead to melancholic, depressive states of mind, from which we can escape only if we self-evaluate our priorities and goals.

Financially, this rune shows periods of stagnation, problems and obstacles. We are more or less aware of the future and we know what to expect.

Also, this reversed rune indicates that, unfortunately, we can cast our own negative expectation over the future. The mechanism is not predictive, but projective.

We don’t know the negative results of our actions, but rather we attract it though negative thoughts and mental scenarios.

Erotically, it shows a bad mood and, most often, secret adventures. In a couple, reversed Perthro usually indicates adultery or the woman’s infidelity, or fights caused by it.

In terms of health, it can indicate sickness. Whether is about venereal diseases or reproductive system’s diseases in general, or typically feminine affections, Perthro shows the hidden nature of the sickness.

It’s recommended to run a complete set of medical tests in order to make sure everything is all right.

Rune Othila meaning

It is the last of the twenty-four runes that have been the subject of our study and the eighth rune of the Tyr’s set.

It represents the vowel “O” and its name can be either a proper name or a reference to ancestral heritage.

In the past, although the cattle, symbolized by the first rune – Fehu, was the most visible sign of wealth, the real wealth was the land.

Anonymous, unseen, rarely taken into consideration, the yard’s dust or the mud after rain, the land was the man’s most important asset.

Without property, there was no point in owning cattle, if a man was unable to feed or care for them.

There was no point in having riches if a man didn’t raise a household. There was no point in having fame if a man didn’t know his ancestors.

All these are characteristics of Othila: the earth, the land, the property, the inheritance, the dowry, and the ancestors.

The shape of the rune can depict many things: the beams and the roof of a house, the face and the shoulders of an ancestor or the crossed weapons on the chest of a passed ancestor, along with his helmet.

In normal position, Othila is an auspicious rune when extracted, foretelling a period of stability, certainty and gain.

Depending on the asked question, the heritage and the values signified by Othila can manifest under different forms.

Socially, it foretells the foundation, the understructure, the base of our situation.

It is a very strong rune for those interested in social position, indicating the rightful place in a hierarchy or lineage.

We are someone’s descendants and we must prove we are worthy of it by also amassing pertinent values in order to bequeath to our heirs.

Othila reveals sustainable, long-term projects that at least a few generations will benefit from, as opposed to small and petty things people usually occupy their lives with. Even if they are not genetic heirs, the things we start will be inherited by suitable people, which we must choose carefully.

Financially, Othila signifies a strong condition, the prosperity that comes from sustainable enterprises and wise investments.

This is not a rune that represent luck, risk or undeserved gain, but a rune of capitalizing labor, of certain and well thought investments.

It is time to put our money to work for us in a correct manner, implicitly, helping to the development of other people. Blind savings are equally unhealthy in this case, only a solidification of the future projects is recommended.

Erotically, this rune shows intimacy and good understanding in the couple’s life.

Those emotionally involved can now decide if they can make brave moves, as a joint house or starting a family.

The families of those involved are supportive and even eager in this regard, but the ones with the power to decide are the two members of the couple.

Othila represents the solid, durable, mature or in process to become mature relationship.

In terms of health, this rune brings resistance, immunity and an impeccable health, most likely genetically inherited.

It can signify that health is the most precious thing for the person who makes the rune extraction, and it must be respected and maintained as it is.

In reversed position, Othila is the rune of debts and wanderings, but also of bad habits and inherited defects.

Socially, the unpleasant inheritance of those before us is giving us trouble. We are facing biases against us, especially in terms of gender, race, nationality or origin.

We have to work more in order to raise above all negative expectations that we involuntary provoke.

Financially, this rune indicates deprivation, blight, poverty and general austerity.

We are put in difficult situation, inheriting the debt of those before us. We are forced to settle the things our ancestors did, pay their debts and withstand those who are asking for retributions.

Erotically, this rune shows either oppression, or routine. One of the partners is abusively imposing on the other, depriving the latter of choices and freedoms.

It might also signify that the relationship is stagnant, the routine reached an alarming level for the relationship to be fresh and there are communication issues.

Extracted along a financial rune, reversed Othila can indicate problems caused by a house, an inheritance or money. In rare cases, along with runes associated with magic, it signifies sexual relationships or spells.

In terms of health, it can indicate lack of vitality and a poor health. This can be a family medical heritage: hereditary diseases are often associated with this rune.

Additional runes can be extracted in order to investigate from which part of the family they originate, where from, for what reason and what treatment should be administrated in order to eliminate them.

Rune Mannaz meaning

It is the twentieth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and the forth of the last set, Tyr’s aett.

It represents the sound “M” and its name means “human” or “humanity”. Its shape is mysterious to you, but we can discern two people offering their arms in an embracement.

In normal position, Mannaz signifies all the people we are connected to, everyone we touched in our life, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Between every person and us (the two vertical lines) there is a permanent exchange of goods, information, emotions and energies (the two oblique lines).

Every time we receive something, we must be aware of the fact that we are becoming indebted, and every time we offer something, we must know that, one way or another, that thing will come back to us.

Everything we do, either good or bad, has an effect, not only on the other person, but also on us.

It is a positive rune when extracted, symbolizing not only the human being and humanity, but also kindness.

Depending on the asked question, the prowess, the compatibility and the help foretold by Mannaz can manifest under different forms.

Socially, it predicts a lot of activity and plenty of communication. It can be either active or passive, express or implied.

We are the centre of attention, we have quite a few responsibilities and we have to prove we are able to do what it’s required, not only what we wish to do.

Financially, we use the relationships we established to advance our own business or we obtain the help of a group or of a well-intentioned person. We enjoy good stability and we are engaged in a very healthy financial flow.

Erotically, Mannaz represents an outstanding partnership and a mature relationship that went beyond the initial crises.

Things are going well on all levels, communication is very good and the partners are supporting each other, regardless of the severity of the situation. The quote “for better or worse” applies perfectly, even if no marital vows were made.

In terms of health, this rune brings health, immunity and vitality. We are in balance with both our inner and outer selves and we can say everything is in harmony. We are enjoying our lives and we evolve in the right direction.

In reversed position, depending on the asked question, reversed Mannaz can have different manifestations.

Socially, reversed Mannaz announces frustration, dissatisfaction, gossip, defamation, humiliation one way or another.

Our actions are selfish and we must look at the way we act from other people’s perspective.

Financially, this rune shows useless risks and bad choices. We’ve proved ourselves impolite and selfish, so we are not benefiting from the partnerships we used to have, nor from the help of other people.

We pay for what we ruined and we sleep in a bed we were too lazy to make properly.

Erotically, this runes shows lack of sensibility. Things are getting distant, the shortcomings are becoming evident, even the small and until now, insignificant ones.

Everyone is on his own and the life of the couple is reduced to a masquerade, for other people’s sake.

Each side thinks it’s in the right and they justify their actions, even the hidden ones, by their own standards of justice, according to their own opinions.

In terms of health, it can indicate a low immune system, psychosomatic illnesses and personality crisis.

We have no faith in ourselves and, in consequence, we don’t believe in the idea of balance or in the divine justification of sickness.

Anyone (especially God) is responsible for our suffering, but us.