Rod in the African. Tradition and modernity!

The saying “Wisdom comes through the buttocks,” with whom I met in Sub-Saharan Africa, at first glance, it sounds rather vague, even ambiguous. However, it contains a didactic overtones, and very severe, which helps to understand the other folk gem: “Wisdom is born with scars.” By the will of the fate of journalism I’ve seen it personally with the nude, excuse the pun involuntary, clarity.

It happened in a village in the west of Mali, where people live Malinke. In a huge, 30 meters below, cotton kapok tree, called a cheerful crowd gathered. It galdela and something chanted, clapping to the beat of his hands. “Probably the dance” – I thought, and looked over the heads of the crowd. That opened the view was absolutely unexpected.

Installed on two parallel flattened sunbeds young couple, revealing the cast bronze buttocks. A strong guys in the rhythm, given the tom-toms, with all his beams lashed on them elastic rods.

The young man endured the ordeal in silence, except that the breathing heavily, and at each blow she squealed thinly. But the audience enjoyed themselves heartily, confirming the validity of another proverb: “When a stranger ohazhivat ass, your not in pain.” In Africa, as I have repeatedly convinced, in each case laid up a set of folk wisdom.

“Poor unfortunates” – sympathetically, I thought and asked a neighbor to the crowd, an old man by the name of Fadigi what they done. “In the grave sin, – he said. – Testament ancestors broke – were unworthy lovers.” You’ve got to make a reservation that the term “lover” in these places does not have the usual meaning for Europeans frivolous and represents a sort of preparatory courses to facilitate the comprehension of the mysteries of the future for young married life. Learn more about

In Mali, Guinea and Senegal the outback children are about the same age form an age group in which they pass the necessary minimum of knowledge and skills that are taught to work, bring up. Cooperative games and competitions bring together children, which would eventually evolve into mutual affection. And come evening, when she entered the circle of dancers, will throw a handkerchief to his handpicked successor, suggesting that he become “the guardian of her soul.” And that, if agreed, wrap them in hand and dashing pereplyase overwhelming express his feelings. This ceremony means that there was a pair of Nova “lovers.” After that, to secure the choice of a young man hoeing the field is sometimes the mother, “mistress” and the damsel whitens his hut. Learn more about tours in Mali!

The next stage occurs when the mother’s beloved admirer brings a handful of kola nuts. Their unusual and should be ten, because it embodies the idea of ​​the number of courtship. If Coke is greater or less, the meaning of the ritual action is lost – just treated nuts, well, thank you.

Well, if the mother took crediting ten, the guy becomes the protector and companion to her daughter before gaining the status of the adult. A girl visits the “lover”, when she pleases, they may even share a bed. Ho – attention! – The relationship must remain chaste: he her guardian.

In this way the young are brought up in mutual respect and patience, though tempted, – raised his index finger experienced Fadigi – large: the temperament of Africans wakes early. “Mistress” is not necessarily a wife’s bodyguard – she was his girlfriend. However, if the wedding day turns out that he had not kept the “mistress”, a shadow of dishonor falls to his family. Young, up to date lost innocence, to name the culprit – or meet the “lover.”

– Mamadou, who is now flogged, could not resist the temptation, and he was not pulled down Mind – shook his head Fadigi. – My grandfather was right: leopard does not leave overnight with a goat.

I learned from a neighbor, and about how the judge the couple have failed the test. “How dare you break the habit – the leader asked sternly. – Do you not know that a woman without modesty is like soup without salt?” I must say that the level of folklore scholarship at fault did not yield the high court. “Of course I know that there is a chicken hawk right in front – lowered his head Mamadou recanted. – But not only make stupid fools.” Polemistkoy proved to be good and mind. “I’ll ask you about the leader, – she said – there will be less than the sea, if the dog bit him otopet? Our love has not become less Mamadou.”

In general, the debate was hot and long. The most uncompromising of the young offender required to send the traditions of the village, which in Africa is considered one of the most terrible of punishments. Others insisted on such a number of lashes, which can not withstand even the heroine of the notorious Russian mythology Sidorov’s goat. I thought about it, perhaps because the penalty imposed by Mamadou, in addition to the 40 rods, called the animal involved, and two shirts, three loincloths and ten kola nuts, which he was to give the family the victim, plus a goat – for the leader.

The punishment was limited to 20 rods Mind. So it won humanism. Moreover, after the sentence “lovers” (in this case, the quotes could be removed) decided to marry, as they were intended and used to each other. Now, if Uma was betrothed to another man, it would be taken after a spanking to the restriction, which for non-pecuniary damages were to pay a weighty compensation.

After the execution the young pokinulm place of execution, holding hands. They seemed to support each other – all the same guys with the rods have worked in good faith. “Romeo and Juliet – touched, I thought. – Adjusted for African specifics” …

A flogging, among other things, appeared in Africa more under the pharaohs. She has deep roots in general, which can be traced in the myths of ancient Greece and Rome, in the Bible. “Stick people sent down from heaven as God’s blessing” – were convinced of the ancient Egyptians. Pharaohs, not stinting, flogging gifts to the guilty and the innocent – to frighten. Collection of taxes in those days, and the next was almost unthinkable without bastonady (Spanish bastonada – bastinado, caning on the soles of his feet and back).

Recognizable by a true Egyptian riddled with back and buttocks. He was even ashamed if his body had no trace of execution: hence, it regularly, like the last fool who paid taxes. Historian James Glass Bertram said that in 1827 in Cairo, a Copt was dragged to the Commissioner for the Pasha’s evasion of taxes. In justification he was referring to poverty, which confirmed his miserable rags. And yet the poor fellow was thrown to the ground and began ohazhivat sticks. When the pain became unbearable, he gasped that he was ready to pay all in full. He was taken under police escort home.

His wife met spifflicate spouse without a shadow of sympathy. “Woodcock! – She said. – Shlopotat, perhaps, some five or six strikes and gave up! And next year you forced to pay twice.” Instead of answering her husband opened his shirt, revealing a lacerated flesh, aged less than one hundred blows. “It would be possible to wait a little longer, and” – slightly softened his wife.

Preserved evidence that women in Egypt had a weakness for men, repeatedly subjected to corporal punishment, and were willing for them to marry, taking the seat behind riddled with distinction. And in Russia, Istar said: “For two broken unbeaten give.”

Already in the XIX century to suffer a couple of strokes Egyptian student was like that sneeze. It was a routine training standard of living. One day a traveler, talking to a teacher in Cairo, has dropped that much heard about spanking, but I have never seen it. “You are our guest!” – Gallantly exclaimed his companion, seized the first student and podvernuvshegosya snorovisto carved it. “What fault did the boy?” – Curious traveler, making notes in a notebook. “No, but you also want to see it!” – Shrugged teacher.

But back in black Africa. This spanking is still considered one of the most effective ways of education. The President of Liberia Charles Taylor who shares this view, set an example to their foreign counterparts in public “awarded” his 13-year-old daughter Eden schoolgirl blows ten sticks for indiscipline. His action, he explained that as the president is responsible for the upbringing of their children, not only, but all the younger generation of the country. Adults should be sure that the reins of governance of the country will pass into good hands, he said. In Ch.Teylora 10 and 20 of their foster children. So the field of educational work enough.

When used this penalty in Africa? Whipping or beating with sticks were punished negligent tax collectors and even the leaders of the villages, which were responsible for carrying out public works. But the common people were flogged for any occasion. Over time, more humanizing bastonada, gradually sinking to the loins from the back of the body. Changed and the tools of punishment. In XIX century the whip made of rhinoceros skin, cut into strips, – in skilled hands it was a terrible instrument. But then was abandoned – maybe just fewer rhinos?

Perhaps this is why the parliament of Zanzibar, an island of Tanzania, adopted an amendment to the Criminal Code, under which the robbers and thieves on the island is subjected to the usual flogging leather whip, three-point function. But this process they go through twice: before and after prison – to consolidate the lesson. The number of strikes, the judge determined, varies from 50 to 300 depending on the severity of the offense.

Who taught flogging of black Africans, people by nature gentle, rarely punishing children? The answer is known. The first missionaries in the Congo was the Catholic priest, they who brought to the African hinterland and cleanse the system of repentance from sin by self-flagellation and torture. Well, the next step – the transition from self-torture to torment the guilty – was a logical continuation. Widely used corporal punishment, in particular, in Sierra Leone and Liberia, where she was a colony of freed slaves. It was believed that no blows black man is doing badly. The case when in 1827 a missionary to death spotted in some delinquent boys.

And in what is now Zimbabwe’s new “tradition” started to introduce the British. Moreover, with their pedantry, they carried it through legislation. Flogged, not only of criminals in prisons, but also adult citizens for minor offenses and, of course, children in schools. However, in women’s education was replaced by servitude flogging and execution of additional written assignments, and in cases of particularly heinous – forced labor. The law established the parameters of guns, even cars. Teach the children with sticks one meter in length and diameter of 10 millimeters. Adults are assumed to stick 1.2 m long with a diameter of 12.5 millimeters.

So stick and whip harmoniously blended into African laws and customs. During the robbery, or damage to the fields offender asked a thorough spanking. Her husband, prove that his wife of infidelity, had the right to get rid of it, a good pre-teach the stick. This is the prerogative of the spread and seducer, flat-footed on a bed of love.

It’s hard to believe, but even today in Africa luptsuyut for premarital sex. For example, in 1999 in the city in northern Nigeria Malunfashi 23-year-old Laval Garden of Sharia law was one hundred lashes. On his future father-informed, who discovered that his 18-year-old daughter waiting for Laval child. A young woman is also assumed to own a portion of the whip, but from a delayed penalty on humanitarian grounds – you had to wait two weeks after birth.

Zamfara – one of the eight northern states of Nigeria, whose territory in 2000 as the supreme legal authority has been introduced Sharia court. On the basis of its decisions about offenders punished by Islamic physical punishments, including flogging, stoning and amputation of limbs, even. In August 2000, two taxi drivers in Zamfara sticks tasted only for the fact that women were transported.

There, in Zamfara, a Dagogo Kakuma was punished with 40 blows with a stick and two months in prison for “distortion of Islamic law.” As you know, the Quran prescribes a true Muslim have no more than four wives. Kakuma is wrong in the account and still got fifth. At trial, he tried to justify the fact that it is not good at arithmetic, but the elders of this argument did not make the impression. The remarkable thing about this story is that the spouse has brought the youngest woman at No. 5. It turns out that Kakuma is not bothered to warn her that the bride will have to share shelter and marital bed with four wives.

In Kano, the same part of the Islamic Nigerian Sharia court sentenced a 22-year bityu robust fellow, and his 63-year-old teacher in the tavern business for the use of alcohol. The boy and his drinking buddy experienced meekly lay on the mat until the executioner with a bamboo stick was trying to wean them from improper for a Muslim habits. After rising, they went to wash spanking …

For drunkenness in Africa is a price and a very respectable, occupying a high position in society, people. In Gusau (Zamfara State) January evening in 2001 a judge Muhammad Nayla eve of an important process, decided to strengthen your spirit, which went into an underground den, and drank. The next day, he is not judged, and judged him. On the market square with the sinner judge pulled pants, to the delight of the crowd, and he received 80 lashes. By the way, the lawyer caught in his own den in-law. So, the guy boiling.

Leader of Libyan Revolution Muammar al-Gaddafi circulated a sharia law on prostitution. Priestesses of ancient trade publicly flogged with a whip (a hundred strokes), broadcasting this fascinating spectacle for the edification of others on national television.

Functional use of the stick incredibly well. That’s the case, who described the French writer Andre Malraux. The tribe that lived near the lake in Senegal Casamance, electing a new leader, suited him check – beaten with sticks. If a candidate withstood the test, it was erected to honor the throne, and gave in marriage to any girl, to which he touched a golden straw scepter. “It would be fair lord, because I realized that this pain and suffering” – told the elders of satisfaction.

Spanking can be an instrument of political struggle. For example, in Kenya secretary-general of the opposition party FORD-Asili Martin Shikuku, speaking at a rally in Kamukundzhi, advised his colleagues in the party “to smack the young politicians who dare to criticize the actions of its general secretary and chairman Kenneth Naguib.”

In the Democratic (moderately, of course) Republic of the Congo in November 1997, ten journalists received 20 lashes of the place is somewhat lower back. Police punished for them so that they decided to cover the press conference of a prominent politician Arthur Zahidi Ngoma, the main opponent of President DRC, Laurent-Desire Kabila.

Two years later, the deputy manager of the Sudanese newspaper “Al-Rai Al-Ahar,” Abdel Aziz al-Jaa himself whipped whip in his office, a talented but shrewish reporter Ali Omar. He decided to criticize the leadership of this publication for the lack of attention to the visitors of the newspaper. And when he was advised not to poke your nose into other people’s work, allowed himself to threaten the authorities. Beaten up by a reporter tried to seek protection in the Union of Journalists of the Sudan, but in vain.

From the heart can be flogged, and a foreigner – for lack of knowledge of local customs. In April this year in the Western Province of Zambia, the supreme ruler of the people Lozi Litungi solemnly moved from the summer residence of the winter palace. A tourist from China tried to be photographed against the backdrop of the royal castles, of which at this moment Litungi out, and immediately received several lashes. Then she kindly explained that it is impossible to stand behind the leader.

Sometimes, spanking is an ostentatious character, is a small representation. Once on the Sabbath day in Bamako, I looked to my friend Birame Diakite. We sat on a bench in front of his house and talked quietly. We were soon hooked Seid, a neighbor of Biram. “Today I am free, – in passing, he had dropped. – The wife sent to her parents.” We talked about this and that, when Seid sprang from the bench and walked toward the young woman who, gracefully swaying her hips, came out from behind a corner. “This is his wife, Fatimata. Seems now to follow an interesting scene,” – nudged me with his elbow into the side of man. And it did.

“Where are you zapropastilas?” – Seid asked loudly, though a minute ago told us that his wife was staying with the parents. “Good people – on the move Fatimata wail, calling to witness the street – look how jealous my hubby! He would lock me up forever inside four walls, even the parents will not let me.”

Seid has cropped up in the hands of the beam bars. He waited with a straight face while a spouse will end wailing, he began to whip her ass tugomu that Africans are sometimes referred to as the lower bust, and saying: “Never lie to my husband! Remember that the ancestors said: you can swim the sea, but drowning in a pool of lies” . Fatimata listened with obvious satisfaction and sometimes thrashing fists on his mighty chest – like applauding.