interesting facts about germany

Beyond the stereotypes, which present this nation as one of order, efficiency and seriousness, we believe there are many things about Germany that deserve to be discovered. Find out about 30 new things about Germany, a diverse and interesting country in the heart of Europe.   1. In Bavaria, beer is officially considered food. 2. In Germany there are about 300 kinds of bread. 3. … Continue reading interesting facts about germany

interesting facts about japan

It has been more than 150 years since Japan opened its doors to the Western world after centuries of isolation, but some things in the culture of this country still seem unusual now. Japanese culture is very interesting, especially for Western observers, many of whom immediately remember sushi, sumo and samurai battles when it comes to Japan. Although these three things undoubtedly constitute a large … Continue reading interesting facts about japan

50 interesting facts about China

What are you thinking about when you say China? In the country with the largest population in the world? Are the clouds in Shanghai hiding the sun from the eyes of the inhabitants? In the panda bridesmaids sympathy? Or to the secrets of ancient millennial Chinese civilization? Since its stunning development and rapidity with which it has become one of the greatest powers of the … Continue reading 50 interesting facts about China

34 interesting facts about Spain

On October 12, Spain celebrates its national day. This date was chosen in honor of the day when Christopher Columbus discovered America (October 12, 1492). Here are some curiosities about this country: 1. Did you know that the official name of Spain is “Kingdom of Spain”? 2. Did you know that the national anthem of Spain has no words? 3. Did you know that the … Continue reading 34 interesting facts about Spain

30 interesting facts about Mexico

1. The official name of Mexico is Estados Únidos Mexicanos (United States of Mexico). 2. The largest feline in North America is the Jaguar. It can be found in southern Mexico’s jungles. 3. The first printing press in North America was used in Mexico City in 1539. 4. National University of Mexico was founded in 1551 by Charles V of Spain and is the oldest … Continue reading 30 interesting facts about Mexico

Rod in the African. Tradition and modernity!

The saying “Wisdom comes through the buttocks,” with whom I met in Sub-Saharan Africa, at first glance, it sounds rather vague, even ambiguous. However, it contains a didactic overtones, and very severe, which helps to understand the other folk gem: “Wisdom is born with scars.” By the will of the fate of journalism I’ve seen it personally with the nude, excuse the pun involuntary, clarity. … Continue reading Rod in the African. Tradition and modernity!

Kiev’s Podol?!

Along the banks of the Dnieper has one of the oldest districts of Kiev. Once long ago, this place is the main commercial port of Kiev, which came vessels filled with a variety of goods, strangers and pilgrims. The district was represented by numerous artisan quarters, which was in full swing of business life in Kiev. In our day, Hem be among the most prestigious … Continue reading Kiev’s Podol?!