Scorpio birthstones


  • What are the specific birthstones for Scorpio ? – ruby and black tourmaline.
  • What are scopio birthstone colors? – The colors that help them boost their energetic aura and keep their mystery are red and black.
  • What is scorpio Birth flower name? – Chrysanthemum
  • Scorpio Sign Dates: October 23d to November 21st
  • Scorpio Element: Earth

What are the properties of ruby?

Ruby is from the oldest times one of the most appreciated crystal, being considered that it offers power and a certain charm to the wearer. It is a lucky birthstonestone for the ones that want to stick out and boost their leadership skills. Worn by the ones born under the Scorpio sign, the ruby offers a noticeable appearance and authority. Also, because of the regenerative properties, the ruby helps the Scorpio have a great mental and physical energy and focus its concentration on those activities that have high priority for him and also helps him create a better image among the ones around. Most important is the fact that due to the protective energies that the ruby emanates, it changes color when the wearer is in danger, namely it becomes darker. It needs periodical cleaning with warm water, in the solar light or among the other crystals, usually the rock type.

What are the properties of black tourmaline?

The black tourmaline is a crystal with a great electrical charge, not only energetic, that if it is rubbed against another crystal, it produces sparks. Due to the purification properties it has on the aura, tourmaline helps the ones born under the Scorpio sign express their points of view clearly and reach a state of spiritual freedom that can be kept for a lifetime. Tourmaline is for Scorpio the birthstone that helps them use their positive energies and dismiss the negative ones. It offer predilection to meditation and understanding of the superior world. Also, the tourmaline offers the body vitality and self control on the mental state. The self-control is a strength of the Scorpio and a characteristic that they work for constantly. Tourmaline helps them purify their aura from the negative energies and to show an image of an authentic leader. While worn by the native, tourmaline is a birthstone that offers a good state and a sense of mastery of the feeling of happiness. It needs frequent cleaning with warm water and moon light.

The essence of Scorpio

I could make jokes about how powerful you are, but you are indeed powerful. You could move mountains. You have an intense penetrative energy. You know what you like and what you hate. Everything is so simple for you : the life has 2 colors: white and black. You accept certain things with pleasure, or you take them out of your life.
You are attracted to jobs that imply decisive decisions: police, army, medicine, secret services, espionage. Other signs may avoid these domains, but not you.

Your life philosophy – power
You live your life with passion and with power. Usually you intimidate others, even though you do not realize it. You go to the extreme when you want something. You should know that you have the power to manipulate people and situations.

You are not afraid of any obstacle and you love to have power and control on the situations and people you confront. You like to manipulate, to feel that the things are going in your desired direction and you are ready to do everything to reach your goals. Fortunately, the Scorpion is gifted with a lot of patience and self-control and is capable to wait to reach the destination and to obtain what he wants.


You are the knight in shining armor, who is not afraid to fight against the darkness. But, because you are so powerful, on your shoulders is a lot of responsibility. You affect the life of the people around you even when you are in a good mood.

The Scorpio is a masculine water sign, driven by Pluto. Because of the plutonian vibrations, Scorpio would always be a mysterious apparition and full of energy. Ones born under the Scorpio sign have empathic and empiric capacities to resonate with the state of the ones around them, even if usually, you can’t read any reaction, and emotion, on their faces. They offer the sensation of an ice nature and tough tempered, but when they are attached to a certain person they, become loving, protective and friendly. T