Gemini Birthstones


    • What are the specific birthstones for Gemini? – Safire and aquamarine
    • What are Gemini birthstone colors?

This sign is governed by Mercury which gives Geminis a dynamic oratorical activity, excellent communication skills and a tendency towards increased adventure. Geminis are the natives most predisposed to changes, be them changes of ideas or life principles, they are always on the move and attract everyone around them with their overwhelming charisma. Communication and interpersonal skills are very important for them and that is why they need to fuel themselves with positive energies so as to become more open to others and improve personal and professional relationships. The specific colours of the sign are shades of blue and consequently, their lucky birthstones will be safire and aquamarine.

  • What is Gemini Birth flower name? – Rose
  • Gemini Sign Dates: May 21 to June 20
  • What are the planets for Gemini Birthstone? –  Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus
  • Gemini Birthstone Element: Air

What are the properties of safire?

Safire is the third precious stone, being a variety of Corindon, surpassed in toughness only by diamond. With its curative properties, safire gives Geminis the necessary energy to make use of their unconventional ideas and helps them make the correct personal choices in order to surround themselves only with mentally stimulating individuals. The Gemini sign natives love an intellectual conversation more than anything and blue safire is the birthstone which can help them activate the Vishuda chakra, the chakra at the base of the neck responsible and directly affected by the way in which we speak with others. Also, safire helps Gemini natives control their flow of mental energies and organize their thoughts so as not to risk wasteful spread of energy at the expense of important aspects from day to day life. While worn by the native, safire helps the Gemini discover new ways of expressing creativity and finding life saving solutions. It necessitates periodic purifications under a stream of warm water or nocturnal recharging cycles on different bedrocks.

What are the properties of aquamarine?

The birthstone which reflects the shades of the sea represents a lucky charm for those in the Gemini sign because it helps them find peace and calmness in their every day hustle and bustle. Aquamarine is a birthstone which attracts introspection, meditation and inner self reconnection. Geminis feel safe around this birthstone because it gives them the much-needed positive energies in order to set personal daily goals and helps them realize what their true spiritual nature is. For Geminis, aquamarine acts similarly to feng-shui energies which brings out their inner self and and helps them balance and adapt to the present. Also, aquamarine opens up the emotional and spiritual side of Geminis thus determining them to take part in humanitarian projects instead of rational and financial ones. While worn by natives, aquamarine gives the impression of youth and helps them maintain an image of youth and always a new look, appear more open towards new adventures and discovering new ways of doing their work. It requires periodical purifications under hot water or energetic recharges under the sun rays, but only for a few minutes.

The essence of the Gemini sign

Your intelligence and cleverness are so high up the scale that you don’t even know how to use them in your life. You want to know a little bit about everything. You like all that’s fascinating about unusual people and places you come across. You enjoy shiny belongings, especially those from a different culture. You read everything you can put your hands on: books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements. And not because you are interested in the information itself, but rather because, like Alice in Wonderland, you are becoming aware of the weirdness in the world.

The philosophy of your sign – communication
As a possessor of good hand dexterity, you excel in activities such as: playing musical instruments, electronics, stomatology. You know how to communicate in many languages, but without emphasizing correctitude.

The qualities of the Gemini sign

You are exceptionally flexible and capable of understanding almost every point of view. Your eloquence and oratorical skills are a well known fact. You have the talent of communication both in oral form, and written, as you are open minded and creative.

Your behavior is childish. Being in a continuous seek of variety, you need a lot of freedom and will find it hard to settle down with a person or an idea. Geminis are the symbol of curiosity and the desire of new and rarely will you come across such a native who is uninterested of any domain.

The Geminis’ life unfolds mainly in the mental plain, rather than the emotional one and more often than not, they will be accused of a lack of sentiments. This aspect is a side effect of their rational nature, which may determine them to put their feelings aside.