Capricorn birthstones


  • What are the specific birthstones for Capricorn ? –  amethyst and cat eye crystal
  • What are Capricorn birthstone colors? – Due to the energies of Saturn, their characteristic colours are: indigo and dark red.
  • What is Capricorn Birth flower name? His Birth flower is Carnation
  • Sagittarius Sign Dates: December 22 to January 19
  • Scorpio Element: Earth

What are the properties of amethyst?

The amethyst is a crystal with powerful meanings and benefic effects for its wearer. It is considered to be one of the most precious crystals with regards to its spiritual protective abilities. It is the amulet of the Capricorn natives, mainly, due to the positive energies it exerts on the native and most of all it gives them a clear view and a lucid perspective on everything they take on. Also, by its spiritual side, the amethyst opens up the spiritual worlds and enhances the capacity of understanding everything related to occultism or mysticism. The vibrations of the dark purple colour help those in the Capricorn sign keep their focus on daily activities of priority and polish up their leadership skills in the ongoing projects. It brings success in business and career and self-confidence when interacting with the opposite sex. The amethyst helps Capricorns develop a sense of trust in their own strength and keeps them away from negative surrounding energies.

What are the properties of the cat eye crystal?

The cat eye crystal is part of the same crystal category as the tiger eye and mainly exerts the same spiritual traits and positive energies on its wearer. The cat eye is the crystal of those who wish to make something of themselves and who enjoy displaying a pleasant and benefic attitude in the society. The cat eye helps those in the Capricorn sign gain access to spiritual and mystical tendencies of the sign, but at the same time, it enhances their ability to focus, also attracting success and fame in their life. It is a benefic birthstone for those who take part in gambling and bet heavily on their charm and on the moment itself.

As much as they like to rationalize and structure everything in their life, Capricorns enjoy equally every moment in which they feel that are free of constraints. The cat eye incites various adventures and increases the curiosity towards activities involving the supernatural, but most of all, it helps Capricorns gain a lucid vision and perspective on the spiritual areas of their life and allows them to access diverse states of mind without falling victim to haughtiness. It requires periodical purifications under a stream of hot water and it must be positioned among other rock type crystals.

The essence of this sign

“No pain, no gain” is your motto. You are ambitious and willing to work hard for something you really desire. But you are also cautious and attentive. You know that what you know have is better than the alternatives.

You are economical, but also capable of spending more when the situation dictates so. Security is important to you, therefore you plan everything ahead aren’t late for meetings. You are a fan of predictable results.

You are capable of understanding how the system spins its wheels better than other signs, that’s why Capricorns are best as heads of Government and hierarchical organizations. TO you, the impression left on others is truly important. You expect respect and quite rightly earn it.

Your life philosophy – reputation
You prefer luxury, although it is not obligatory. You are well disciplined, dignified and have the confidence of a stylish person. You agree with what Mark Twain said regarding the following: “Clothes make the man. Undressed people have a small influence on the world, if any.”
Security matters a great deal to you, that’s why you want money and respect. The stars have a long life in store for you, so plan accordingly. You will be extremely vivid in the later stages of life. Capricorns are “old in their youth and young in hoar.”

The qualities of the Capricorn sign

Generally speaking, you are an advocate of common tendencies and values. You want a white brick house and 2-5 children. A Mercedes in the garage would also be welcomed. You do not like scandals, and the children must be first in their class and well behaved. This is the scenario of your perfect life. Even so, few know that sometimes, you can be most unpredictable.
The Capricorn is an earth sign, predominantly feminine, led by the planet Saturn.
Due to its planetary influences, the energies of the Capricorn sign will always have dual and oscillating natures. Usually, their attitude shows an innate seriousness and rigidity, but, not few are the times when they feel lost and are quite and meditative. Capricorns have an interesting apparition, give the sensation of calmness and self-containment, but they especially leave you with a sensation of being in control. Their rational side far surpasses the sentimental one, but are always kind and warm to their close ones. Due to the energies of Saturn, their characteristic colours are: indigo and dark red. The birthstones of this sign are amethyst and cat eye crystal.