Sagittarius bithstones


  • What are the specific birthstones for Sagittarius ? – turquoise and blue agate.
  • What are Sagittarius birthstone colors? – The colours accentuating their positive energies are sky blue and live green.
  • What is Sagittarius Birth flower name? – Holly
  • Sagittarius Sign Dates: November 22 to December 21
  • Scorpio Element: Fire

What are the properties of turquoise?

Due to the spiritual abilities and tendencies of the Sagittarius natives towards mysticism and superior discovery, turquoise, while worn on them, brings the benefits of understanding these areas and the capacity of assimilating inaccessible pieces of knowledge. It gives mental tone and energy so necessary for the natives and it helps them go through important stages of Scientific Initiation.

Turquoise helps with interpersonal relationships consolidation and astral communication, where the native wishes to benefit from these abilities of the semi-precious stone. Also, turquoise is the symbol of affection and friendship and is useful in case of conflicts or fallouts between friends. If offered to a dear person, turquoise signifies generosity and irreversible attachment towards that person. It enhances the communicational capacities and helps Sagittariuses express their views in a convincing manner. It absorbs negative surrounding energies and those of the wearer, that’s why it has to be periodically discharged in a bowl, surrounded by birthstones with similar traits. It requires frequent purifications under a stream of hot water and sun light, but its exposure shouldn’t be exaggerated as it will lead to a loss of colour.

What are the properties of blue agate?

Blue agate is considered to be the amulet against negative energies, spells and dark magic. While worn by a Sagittarius native, it helps with reduction of fear, stress and anxiety towards those persons who emit a bad attitude and distrust. It enhances the self-healing capacities and maintains a fresh and young aspect for the wearer up to the point of causing envy.

Blue agate also has the capacity of increasing concentration levels and determines the natives to control their temperamental outbursts or at least dose their energy in a more constructive manner. Sagittarius can lose grip on themselves and become aggressive, especially when finding themselves among individuals who are stubborn. Agate helps them better manage their relationships with those who exert authority and expose their point of view more objectively than subjectively. It needs periodic cleaning sessions under hot water and recharges under sun/moon light at least once a month.

The essence of the this sign

he key to understanding any zodiac sign consists of understanding its leading planet. You are driven by Jupiter – the largest planet in the Solar System. That is why you like things done “in the large”.

You always covet forward, by wishing to extend your range of activities in multiple directions. The obvious way of achieving this feat is travelling. You have a strong desire to see this big world, but not only physical. You travel by the means of philosophy, history, science and more. You want to know everything.

Your intellectual thirst is different than that of the Geminis, which is closer to curiosity. Your wish if stronger and your thirst greater. You want to know how this world is structured, how it functions. You are in a perpetual search of the answer to the “why?” question. The meaning of life intrigues you, that’s why you can be called the philosopher sign. You feel at home in academic or publicity environments. You also are capable of taking the risk of undergoing gambling or entering an unsure business domain.

Your life philosophy – positivity
You like open spaces, nature and animals. Your positive attitude towards life makes people around you develop feelings of love for you. (Few of them actually know about your pain hidden behind the sense of humor.)
Even when you confuse sarcasm with humor, you fully capable of enchanting those around you with the happy temper and a sincere and innocent way in which you give even the most daring replies. You work hard, but also enjoy parties. Beyond all, you are a boy scout. If you were to live in a fictional environment, the “Brotherhood of the Ring’” would have most certainly caught your eye as you are incapable of ignoring adventures.

The qualities of the Sagittarius sign

By your nature, you are ambitious, therefore you don’t like to do what others tell you to. You are capable of working hard in order to reach your dreams.
A strong aspect regarding interpersonal relationships is your ability of spreading happiness, especially due to the ease with which you take serious matters in life. You know how to mobilize your entourage because of your narrative talent and overwhelming enthusiasm which transform you into an innate leader.

The Sagittarius is a fire sign, predominantly masculine, with mystical and spiritual influences caused by its correlation with Jupiter. Sagittarius natives have a special taste for adventure and freedom and enjoy moments spent in the nature to the fullest. They feel at home whilst in green and open environments and have a powerful connection with spiritual, personal elevation and mystic domains.

The colours accentuating their positive energies are sky blue and live green. Their birthstones are turquoise and blue agate. Because of the blue shades of this birthstone and of the positive energies it favors, Sagittariuses will feel protected if they transform it in their lucky charm.