Libra birthstones


  • What are the specific birthstones for Libra ? – pink opal and lapis lazuli.
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What semi-precious birthstones are a match for Libras?
Libras are a masculine air sign, they are driven by Venus, and just like Taurus, the have a special sensitivity in the zodiac. They have a very accentuated justice and analyzing sense, and usually they find themselves in judge or advocate position. They weigh all the details of a situation and always ask themselves if they do right or not. The correctness is one of the most important virtues of this sign. Because of the positive energies that come from this characteristic and are in tune with their attitude, the right colors for Libras are nuances of blue and pink. Their lucky birthstones are pink opal and lapis lazuli.

  • What is his Birth flower name? – Calendula
  • Sign Dates: September 23d to October 22d
  • What are the planets for this sign? –  Mercury, Venus, Jupiter & Neptune
  • Element: Air

What are the properties of the pink opal ?

The pink opal is a variety of a photonic crystal with a low hardness and with a sensitivity that might harm it if it would be in the wrong hands. This birthstone helps Libras show their hidden emotion and to express their point of view every time they want to be listened. It is beneficial for positive energies “yin”, and chasing away the ones that want to destroy their balance. Also, the opal on the Libra have multiple beneficial effects, this is due to the spiritual and emotional state. It helps the natives find their peace, happiness and to discover their full potential. More than that, the opal worn by the Libra might help him boost his best ideas and expose them with enthusiasm. It is a birthstone that absorbs negative energies, but reveals everything good in the wearer. It needs periodical clean with warm water, but it must not be exposed too much to solar light or high temperatures .

That are the properties of lapis lazuli ?

As it’s name says , the sky birthstone, the birthstonestone lapis lazuli is a protector of the signs dominated by the natural sign of air, but specifically of the Libra. This blue birthstone is considered a symbol of royalty and can be found in nature under diverse forms, but their nuances of blue are very strong and have beneficial effects for the wearer. Lapiz lazuli helps the one born under the Libra sign to always choose the right path and to focus on the things that have high priority in their life. It stimulates spiritual vision on the world and allows the Libra to meditate easily and to uncover the previous worlds. Also, this birthstonestone has strong effects and meanings on the opening of the third eye and it helps the natives with their intuition, as long as this crystal becomes their talisman. Worn by Libra, lapis lazuli determines them to focus their energies and to use their mental concentration on the daily activities that usually use a lot of time. It needs periodical energies recharges, cleaning with warm water and exposure to solar light.

The essence of the Libra sign

You are driven by Venus, and Venus protects beauty. Thus, beauty, harmony are the main themes of you life. Libras are, in general, beautiful. If beauty is not the right word for a certain individual, at least you can admit that he is really pleasant. You dress nice, you decorate your home well, you appreciate art, whether you make love or prepare the dinner, you do it beautifully.

In this case, the right word is “facade “. Does this means that you are superficial ? On the contrary. Mahatma Ghandi was a Libra. Thus, it can only be said that you like this facade. More than the other signs, you are affected by everything that is around you : lights, colors, scents, and if the people accept you or not.

Your life philosophy – harmony

You desire harmony and balance in everything that is around you, in yourself, in “facade “ and in relationships. Your desire for harmony is so elevated that, many times, you make compromises just to keep the peace.
Another keyword of your sign is uncertainty. You need someone to be always near you. You don’t like to do things alone. You work better in tandem, even if you feel alone with your partner.

Qualities of the sign

You are gifted with charm, diplomacy and skill. However, your appreciation for harmony extends above the physical plan. You have a great capacity for understanding the meaning of words, contracts and the relations between people. This is why a lot of the people born under this sign decide to study Law
You have a formidable capacity to bring people and conflicting energies together. You represent the connection between events, people, and ideas. And about your reputation of uncertainty, do you really think that you can’t get on your feet? The answer is: maybe. And this is the final answer. The truth is that you can see all the aspects of the situation, more than others. If it would be up to you, more parameters ought to be taken into account. And excellence, in your vision, requires refinement and permanent reconsideration. “ To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. “(Wiston Churchil )