Leo Birthstones


    • What are the specific birthstones for Leo? – sunstone and black onix
    • What are Leo birthstone colors? – Their specific colours are the shades of yellow-orange light up to gold, but also darker colours such as brown or shiny black.
    • What is Leo birth flower name? -Gladiolus
    • Leo Sign Dates: July 23 to August 22
    • What are the planets for Leo Birthstone? – Earth & Sun (Of course, the sun is not a planet)
    • Leo Birthstone Element: Fire

What are the characteristics of the sunstone crystal?

The Sunstone gains its name due to its shiny and gleaming faces and thus gives the sensation of a stone derived from the sun itself. It has healing properties related to aura and magnetic field regeneration influencing the wearer, but especially the Leo sign natives who resonate with this birthstone on a deeper level. It helps Leo natives exteriorize energy and kindness for productive purposes and it increases the activity of their Solar Plexus chakra with the aid of energy and glimmer. Also, as the sunstone is associated with power and wealth, it brings luck to Leos determining them to fulfill their career goals, a very important aspect in their lives. Aside career, the sunstone consolidates both professional and personal relationships by exercising a positive energy on Leos and implicitly on those around them. While worn as an accessory, the sunstone has positive effects on the wearer and helps the natives maintain an impressive stance. It requires frequent purifications under a stream of hot water, but also energetical recharges directly under the sun rays.

What are the properties of onyx?

The onyx is an ancient birthstone discovered by the ancient Greeks who had given it important symbols from the imaginary plain of crystals. Black onyx has a protective role on its wearer especially on those in Leo sign. It helps them release the negative energies felt because of power temptation or the control from their activities, the most relevant being those in positions of leadership. The onyx absorbs the surrounding dark energies and thus creates a protective shield for the wearer. On Leos, the onyx has effects similar to a lucky charm, giving them stability and control, more accentuated if present in both its colours – white and black – exercising yang and yin influences. It gives them a felling of safety and security, and it offers protection from their own temperament, facilitating the connection with the Muladhara chakra, which in its unbalanced form brings about fear of the unknown, anxiety and diverse physical problems to the base of the body. While wearing it as a piece of jewelry, Leo natives will show a certain presence and sensation of being in control. It requires periodic purifications under a stream of hot water.

The essence of the Leo sign

Drama is your second nature. You would love being an extremely well payed actor. You have stateliness, style and know for sure what to do with all this money. Leos usually run theatres and show-businesses. That’s why you have an impressive dramatic behavior. You are a party hit and, simultaneously, the center of attention during lunch. You know that life is a theater. And you, Leo, are most definitely the main character.
Naturally, everyone believes that you are a party person and an extrovert, because you radiate warmth and enthusiasm (you are very generous), but the truth is that you are very serious. You are dignified, strong and an innate leader. (That’s why Leos rule kingdoms).
You live your life in a creative way, but wish everyone knew this aspect. You believe in yourself, although you frequently need and external impulse.

Your life philosophy – fun

This does not necessarily mean you don’t like hard work or aren’t efficient in your activities. It is well known that the Leo can be quite the ambitious type when the situation demands so. He/she is capable of doing anything regardless of the level of necessary work involved in the process.
Even so, the Leo couldn’t live without fun and good spirits. The need of putting a smile on everyone’s face will quickly make its presence known closely followed by the knowledge that a real party isn’t too distant. If you want to find out what it means to live like in the movies, it won’t take more than following a Leo in the seaside in order to find out. No one knows how to live life to its fullest like a Leo, not even the adventure ready Aries.

The Leo sign’s qualities

Generally speaking, you are a winner. You obtain positions of authority. Enjoy movies, theatre, art and everything related to show-business and fun. Learn from every life experience, whether you pay or not for it. You work, most of the times in the tourism, sport and entertainment industry. And know that the hell is half full already.
The Leo is devoted and this loyalty manifests itself both for friends, and the family or life partner. Never will you find a Leo, who faced with a person in need, will say no. He will undoubtedly help, but not for free. You don’t have anything to turn upset about, he likes to feel his generosity and loyalty aren’t in vain and, not few are times, he likes to brag with his feats. He would do it merely for the chance of being applauded by a large crowd.
The Leo sign is mostly made up of males, being a Fire sign governed by the Sun. Due to the solar influences, the natives of this sign tend to experience negative states when the sun is in a poor faze, like in the weakly illuminated days of fall and winter or during natural phenomena such as solar eclipses. Their plenum energy comes directly from the sunlight which boosts their cerebral activity and cleanses their energetic field of bad influences. Frequently, Leos shed a benefic light on those around them and enjoy being in the center of attention, but not due to arrogance, but rather because that is their natural environment.