Baba Vanga predictions 2020

The renowned clairvoyant predicted the attack of 11 September in the United States. Baba Vanga is one of the greatest seers of recent times, and although he died in 1996 still his predictions are still valid, since before he died he left his visions in writing until the 51st century, which is when according to her, the world will end . Baba was born in … Continue reading Baba Vanga predictions 2020

Interesting facts about Marilyn Manson

Who is he? Marilyn Manson, whose name is Brian Warner, is a shock-rocker, known for his scary looking body with makeup and piercing. Ever since he appeared on the music scene in 1996, he himself, the sinister lyrics and outrageous behavior on the stage have been controversial. His concerts have sparked protests in several cities, and some believe his music has influenced the two teenagers … Continue reading Interesting facts about Marilyn Manson

Is hell real?

Is Hell Real? – Basic ideas People all over the world wonder: “Is hell real?”. Can there really be a physical place for torment and the punishment of fire that is stated in the Bible? Only three out of 10 adults (31%) see hell as a real place: “a place of physical torment where people will be sent” 1. This article answers the common questions … Continue reading Is hell real?

How much is a french manicure?

The French manicure is actually the idea of a Hollywood make-up artist, although the license belongs to the French. Jeff Pink, the stylist who played with shades, paid tribute to Parisian fashion podiums and added the “French” adjective to an American manicure model. News on the same topic Epilation, a chore for beauty 2012 Manicure: Transparency or Opulence The man who worked as a make-up … Continue reading How much is a french manicure?

December birthstones – colors and meaning

What are the birthstones for december? Although December is strongly associated with certain colors that bring us to holidays, such as red and green, natives born in December may choose to upgrade their jewelry with turquoise and tanzanite, birthstones known for their gorgeous shades of blue. . These talisman-stones, chosen by the ladies and gentlemen born in December, compete with the precious stones, being known … Continue reading December birthstones – colors and meaning