Virgo Birthstones


    • What are the specific birthstones for Virgo ? –  Sapphire and Carmelian
    • What are Virgo birthstone colors? – Their specific colours are shades of brown, coppery and nature green, and the matching birthstones for this sign are safire and carnelian.
    • What is Virgo Birth flower name? Aster
    • Virgo Sign Dates: August 23d to September 21st
    • What are the planets for Virgo Birthstone? – : Venus, Uranus & Mercury
    • Virgo Birthstone Element: Earth

What are the properties of the carnelian crystal?

Carnelian is a variety of calcedony with countless spiritual properties which balances the negative and positive energies of the Virgo natives, helping them release stress and life worries. It is a luck bringing birthstone, it compensates for when the native lacks certain aspects of life or when he cannot fructify them himself. It helps those in the Virgo sign better organize their activities and attract the persona they would prefer in their close entourage. Also, carnelian is a benefic crystal for retrospective meditation and for complete understanding of past events, helping Virgos get over their internal conflicts and problems more easily. It accentuates the state of good, gives a strong will to live and a constructive energy for the things Virgos want to see carried through. While worn by a native, carnelian brings about people with positive energies and eliminates dark thoughts. It is a birthstone which can be purified periodically under a stream of hot water or left between bedrocks.

What are the properties of green Sapphire?

Green Sapphire is a crystal with special properties and spiritual meanings from old times, going back to the Medieval Era, and as toughness it is in the same category with the ruby. It helps the Virgo natives get a wider view on the ongoing projects carried out, but especially on interpersonal relationships with the people around them. Mentalwise, it is benefic for revitalizing the nervous system and for removing useless and not at all constructive thoughts. Therefore, it helps them channel their energy and attention on those things that truly matter and doesn’t allow them to get lost in details. Functionally speaking, safire helps Virgos initiate a general healing at the level of the internal organs and purify the negative energies which may affect their welfare. It detoxes the liver, kidneys and pancreas, some very important organs for the Virgo natives, given the fact that their weak spot is the intestine – an easily irritable organ by over thinking and daily stress. While worn by natives, safire helps them stay away from the people carrying negative energies. It needs frequent cleaning under warm water and energetic recharge under the sun.

The essence of your sign

You are curious to a combination of realism and wish of perfection, and the realist in you knows this fact. But the perfectionist knows that for each action, there is a criticism at the opposite pole.
Your realist side blessed you with an analytic, efficient and methodical manner of approaching things. You are endowed with a critic sense of observation. You take notice of details and admire a well executed thing. After all, you represent services and more often than not do things that others prefer not to, because they are necessary. (And the world is a better place because of you).

Your life philosophy – perfection

The perfectionist inside of you wishes that everything is done by the book. Not even the human body is exempted from this rule. You are preoccupied by health and hygiene. You take vitamins, drink natural juice and abide after the rules of fasting. But the very next week you eat nachos and drink beer (everyone has their own contradictions).
As for love, you will fall not for the person, but for the potential of building the perfect relationship with that person. You are dazzled by the logic of a relationship, the equitable change between the two partners, you enjoy the possibility of growing aided by the other one’s help. You look for the perfect relationship, the perfect home and you will wish for the perfect job and children. You aren’t really a person of concessions.

The qualities of the Virgo sign

You are intelligent. More objective than the others when you analyze a fact. You are an excellent judge. People respect take your opinion into account. They look for your advice, and you are exhilarated by this.
The most important thing is that you know how to make others respect you. Of course, it is possible that others may not like you, but rarely will you find someone who doesn’t respect you.
The Virgo is a predominantly feminine, earth sign governed by Mercury. Due to the influences of this planet, Virgos tend to analyze in detail situations and life events and more than that, they put an accent on communication and how well they interact with those around them. More often than not, they feel people do not put in enough effort to fulfill their duties or do not completely understand them.