Everything about Pisces birthstones



  • What are Pisces Birthstones? –  ocean jasper and aquamarine.
  • What are Pisces birthstone colors?

Their specific colours are Their specific colours are the shades of blue.

  • What is his Birth flower name? – Violet
  • Sign Dates: January 19 – February 18
  • What are the planets for this sign? –  Uranus and Saturn
  • Element: Air

What are the properties of the ocean jasper crystal?

Jasper is a variety of calcedony presenting itself in different colour which symbolize the life in the oceanic universe. The colorful vibrations manifested on the Pisces natives helps the latter gain a clear vision on the spiritual capacities and the worlds they can access through crystal therapy with ocean jasper. While worn by Pisces, it increases the state of calmness and concentration on welfare. It brings harmony in the life of the natives and prosperity through the rich colours it presents. Due to the concentric circles forming in the interior of this semi-precious stone, the ocean jasper crystal gained the name orbicular jasper. These forms help the Pisces sign natives accept their defects and concentrate on the benefic side of their attitude, but especially on their protection potential. Ocean jasper also has the capacity of making Pisces more responsible and determining them to invest the necessary effort for everyday tasks. It requires purifications under a stream of hot water and periodic recharges around hematites, but if used often, it also needs daily cleaning sessions.

What are the properties of aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a crystal from the same family as emeralds and equally precious when speaking of its significance and benefic effects on the wearer. Pisces are attracted by the colours of the ocean and shades of blue, white and light green, therefore aquamarine will accentuate their capacity of synchronizing with the chakras which help them access their intuition and perception on the spiritual world. It helps initiating mediation, accessing the spiritual worlds and it brings forth the mystical spirit of the Pisces while also developing curiosity for the real truth. Also, aquamarine is a perfect birthstone for the religious inclination of Pisces and the afferent choice.
The chastity and innocence of the natives are found in the crystal’s capacity of working with such aspects and determining the natives to keep to themselves and become closed of to the world so as to be in a better sync with the astral information offered by the universe. Moreover, while worn on Pisces natives, aquamarine helps them discover their leadership abilities and express their point of view more objectively, as the crystal banishes fears and the anguishes of the natives. It requires frequent purifications under hot water and especially, direct contact with solar rays at dusk. It mustn’t be kept directly under the sun light because this can lead to a loss of mystical properties.

The essence of the Pisces sign

You are so sensible that you perceive the states of those around you “literally”. It is important to know this because you always have to be careful with whom you spend your time with. Dark energy will exhaust you. Avoid emotional vampires.

Your life philosophy – sensitivity

Of course, your sensitivity has its upsides. You are careful and nice. People cry on your shoulder and share their difficulties because you are so sympathetic. Even so, avoid getting into contact with the sufferers, because they will be too exhausting. You are an emotional sponge taking in everything.

The qualities of the Pisces sign

You have a fabulous imagination. Fantasy, photography, film, dance, music and everything allowing you to create illusions represent your strong point. You understand design and costumes as a master of illusions. Einstein (a fellow Pisces comrade) said: “Imagination is a prevision of your future attractions.” When you are upset, you cry. But, people love you due to your caring nature. For you it is obvious that others have yet to learn: “Kindness is the most important thing in life”.

Pisces are a female water sign governed by the planet Neptune. Due to the Neptunian influences, Pisces have the tendency of working in art related environments, having a mystical vision on life. They are inclined to have introspective tendencies, to be interested in everything hidden and mysterious. The meditation initiation happens in their early stages, aided by a very fine perception of the less obvious aspects of life. They are attracted by everything resembling magic and astral ideals. Their specific colours are the shades of blue and their birthstones are ocean jasper and aquamarine.