Cancer Birthstones

This sign is a predominantly feminine one, governed by the Moon and influenced by the natural sign of water.

The influence of the Moon on this sign is extremely powerful, especially in those fazes when the satellite is energetically charged and its effects are felt by the natives.

It is a sign endorsed in mystery, with a strong personality capable of intense emotions.

Also, Cancerians have a high tendency of idealizing the past and falling in often in melancholic states, which leads to inconsistency and lack of presence.

The specific colours of this sign are silver and blue and can be energetically recharged through the turquoise and moonstone crystals.

  • What are the specific birthstones for Cancer ? –  Moonstone and Turquoise
  • What is Cancer Birth flower name? – Delphinium
  • Cancer Sign Dates: June 21 to July 22
  • What are the planets for Cancer Birthstone? –  Mars, Venus, Moon & Jupiter
  • Birthstone Element: Water

What are the properties of the Moonstone crystal?

The moonstone crystal got this name due to its white, silver and blue reflections emitted by the birthstone while shined upon by moon rays.

It is a birthstone which holds positive energetic properties especially if used for meditation, self and hope discovery.

The moonstone helps the Cancer sign natives reveal certain spiritual mysteries which often cloud their judgement and balances their exaggeration and bad behavior tendencies.

Moreover, the moonstone facilitates their access to the subconscious and helps them with clear decision making without any doubts or hesitation. It increases their calmness and judgement power.

In order to fully take advantage of the positive effects of this birthstone, Cancerians can wear a jewel with a moonstone or even carry the crystal itself.

This crystal will give them a clearer vision on the daily problems, but it will mainly help them notice the negative attitude of the persons not meant to be around them.

It requires periodic purifications under a stream of cold water and it has to be recharged monthly under the moon rays.

What are the properties of turquoise?

Turquoise is one of the oldest semi-precious stones, and its symbolism has a history older than time itself. It is considered “The Stone of the Skies” due to its colour and energetic properties.

Because of the influence, it has on communication and interpersonal relationships, turquoise is an excellent talisman for the Cancerians, helping them improve their current relationships and better express their thought regarding this subject.

Also, turquoise balances the dynamic energies of the natives and determines them to be more stable, tempered and in better control of the afferent negative influences.

A turquoise crystal worn by a Cancer native will aid with better time management and intuition in those occasions which matter for his/her professional life. It consolidates both business and personal relationships, having an effect on love life as well.

Turquoise requires periodic purifications under a stream of cold water, and during the night, it can be held between bedrocks in order to recharge with energy.

The essence of the Cancer sign

Nobody takes more care of those around than you. You are understanding and protective with everyone, especially those you care for.

You are always ready to bring a bowl of soup or take care of a flower, sick friend or all the humanity.

Things usually stick to you. You aren’t capable of giving up on even the smallest of things and due to this your room is full of empty jars, caps and rubber bands, broken parts and buttons.

You cannot even give up on the people not so acquainted with you. And the same happens with the past, that’s why you always carry around a camera.

Your life philosophy – practice

You are friendly with everyone and love laughter. The others appreciate your sense of humor.

You are a practical individual, with great affinities towards cooking and gardening.

You know how to repair and transform used parts in something useful and different.

This ability is what determines you not to throw away anything. Each time you look at something, you think that maybe it will be useful in the future.

The qualities of Cancerians

The Cancer is a leaping sign, full of compassion and, most of the time, generous.

They are intuitive and capable of placing themselves in the shoes of the person next to them in order to better understand him/her.
You are afraid of rejection, but not aggressive.

That’s why you will take every precaution before asking something. You are tenacious and will defend what you love with all your strength.

And the most important thing for you is security – both professional, and familial.