Aries Birthstones


  • What are Aries Birthstones? –  jasper and emerald.
  • What are Aries birthstone colors?

What semi-precious birthstones are a match ?
The Aries sign is dominated by the planet Mars, a planet governing life energy, dynamism and physical activities. Being a male fire sign, the birthstones adequate for the Aries are those with chakra specific colours, namely red and green. The birthstones corresponding to the Aries sign are aventurine red jasper and emerald.

  • What is his Birth flower name? Aries Birth flower is Daisy
  • Sign Dates: March 21 to April 19
  • What are the planets for this sign? – Aries planets are: Neptune, Uranus, Mars & Sun (Of course the Sun is not a planet)
  • Fixed stars associated : Caput Algol 18° of Taurus.
  • Element: Fire

What are the characteristics of red jasper?

The red jasper is a semi-precious birthstone with spiritual and healing properties which help Aries natives to find stability, settle down somewhere and carry on with those short term aims and objectives, which these tend to leave unfinished. While worn by a native, red jasper helps the Aries express his personality, find a strong identity to show everyone. Red is a warm colour which signifies passion, ambition and determination, plentiful qualities for the Aries sign natives. Red jasper is the birthstone helping them to reconnect with Muladhara – the chakra of the inferior limbs and spine. Once activated, this chakra will help those in the Aries sign find their power of self expression and bring all the necessary courage for them to carry out their objectives. Jasper stimulates cerebral activity and equally helps them learn to portion their energy so as not to reach exhaustion. In the case of Aries, jasper is their lucky charm and it has to be common knowledge that is must be cleaned once every two weeks under warm water and let overnight to recharge with energy alongside other birthstones such as haematits.

What are the characteristics of emeralds?

The emerald is regarded as the fourth precious stone by gemologists, the first three being diamonds, rubies and safires. Due to its high concentration of chrome, this green birthstone helps with the memory, improves visual perception and intuition. The emerald helps those in the Aries sign develop both introspective and meditation capacities, thus facilitating a personal development based purely on mind and will power and not on ego and individualism. Also, the emerald’s benefits over the Aries are localized at the Anahata chakra level, the chakra of the heart which helps the natives become aware of their emotional and sentimental power, but mainly it helps them realize that relationships and communication are done both on the mental and astral plain. In this regard, emeralds worn by Aries sign natives improve empathy levels and determines them to put the needs of others above their own. Healthwise, the emerald acts as a tissue regenerator and detoxifies the liver and pancreas. If worn as a jewel, the emerald must be cleaned once a month under a stream of warm water, and placed under sun rays at dawn.
The Aries can wear any of these two talismans and will notice their advantages immediately after realizing their power over his/her personality.

The essence of the Aries sign

Being the first sign of the European zodiac, your essence is Spring, the new, freshness, explosion, life, the will of upsurge. Regardless of your age, your heart will always stay young. Adventure is what you most want from life. You don’t wish for an ordinary life, you like passionate getaways, daring activities, sports cars and sunglasses.

Your life philosophy – adventure
You will try everything in life, even if only once, just to feel the chills of new adventures. You have an immense courage, almost madly. You love challenges because of your competitive spirit. You take on things subtly so as to realize whether or not you can control the situation and win. Feel the need to uncover every mystery you don’t understand. But once the secret is out of the box, it won’t be of interest to you anymore. You are always on the lookout for new conquests, fights and victories.

Qualities of the sign

You are a fascinating discussion partner (I’ve yet to find a boring Aries). You have golden hands. You are the best craftsman from the entire zodiac. Apart these, you are full of kindness and generosity. Blind trust makes you an innate leader, but you don’t care who follows. Those around, love you because you are determined, stable, loyal, daring and courageous. (also, you know a lot of jokes and how to cook).