Taurus Birthstones

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  • What are the specific birthstones for Taurus? –  pink quartz and green aventurine
  • What is Taurus Birth flower name? – Lily Of The Valley
  • Taurus Sign Dates: April 20 to May 20
  • What are the planets for Taurus Birthstone? –  Venus, Saturn, Moon
  • Taurus Birthstone Element: Earth

This sign is dominated by the planet Venus, the planet of love and harmony in the astral plain which gives this sign a sensitive and affectionate side which isn’t visible to the naked eye most of the time.

A Taurus gives the impression of a self-possessed and sometimes even cold and calculated individual.

This isn’t just a mask, it’s part of their attitude, but sometimes under these covers, their sentiments may easily get hurt. In this regard, suitable for them are pale birthstones such as pink quartz and green aventurine, but filled with positive energy and emotional balancing properties dining themselves deeply imbedded in the spirit of Taurus sign natives.

What are the characteristics of pink quartz?

The pink quartz is a prime crystal classified as one of the main types of this family.

Its healing energies helps those in the Taurus sign express their affectionate side with ease and defeat the fear of public speaking, bad emotions or the fear of showing their feelings.

Also, the pink quartz reflects its positive influence on the love life of Tauruses and encourages them to believe and be more open with their partner.

Due to the positive influence on sentiments and emotionality, pink quartz removes any negative energy, jealousy feelings or destructive thoughts which may intervene in the mental plan of the Taurus sign natives.

While worn, the quartz attracts only good surrounding energies and recharges with the attraction of people in possession of clean souls.

At the same time, it helps the natives make ideal choices regarding their closed ones and influences interpersonal relationships facilitating positive communication and protective kindness so natural to those born in this sign.

The quartz needs frequent purifications under a stream of warm water, never in marine water.

What are the properties of green aventurine?

The green aventurine is also a kind of quartz which emanates positive energies in the astral and mental domain.

As for influence over the natives in the Taurus sign, green aventurine helps with taking positive decisions in critical moments by activating the Ajna chakra in the center of the forehead and helps them maintain a lucid train of thought in relation with the surrounding reality.

Affections, green aventurine has healing properties on the Anahata chakra and helps Tauruses express their feelings in a superior way so as to appear more open to others. Also, the aventurine has benefic effects on the career-related events, professional life and the capacity of maintaining control in a certain critical situation.

While worn by Taurus sign natives, aventurine helps them developmental abilities in accordance with the working environment, determines them to explore more alternatives be more creative and open to the unconventional team working sessions and most of all, it helps increase their creativity.

In order to purify it, it has to be kept under warm water jets periodically and sometimes under the solar rays of the dawn.

The essence of the Taurus sign

For you, life consists of tangible beauty. In other words, you wish for beauty, but you also want to be able to touch it. Of course, you like nature, you adore it, but you must get a hold of a piece of it.

Your life philosophy – comfort
I believe that someone from your sign wrote a guide about how to make your own comfort. You are a sensualist: you look for good food, wine, quality sex and a beautiful home. You like only what’s best (a hundred percent) and you will move mountains in order to get it.

You don’t visit the supermarket unless it’s critical. You prefer a bakery for bread, speciality stores for coffee and also a butcher shop with the best ham in town. Your taste is discriminatory, but without being snobby.

Also, you are the one who knows where to find the best pineapple. What else… you are a connoisseur.

And of course, you like sex. You are the most sensual sign of the entire zodiac (some people believed their life wasn’t complete until sleeping with a Taurus).

Taurus Qualities

You need good financial reserves in order to buy the home which makes you feel safe – a sentiment upon which you will come across whilst with your family surrounded by antiquities. And you are willing to work hard so as to get everything you’ve wished for.

Happily, because you are a financial wizard, you will get what you want most of the times.

Once your goal is set, you’ll work hard in order to achieve it, because security is vital in your case. That’s why, Tauruses are, most of the times, carpenters, constructors or bankers, but also chefs or wine, cigarettes and food tasters, not to mention collectors of antiquities and other refined items.

Tauruses are exceptional parents because they know the main necessities of their children: three meals a day, a warm bed and a roof above their heads.
You are honest, diplomatic and affectionate. And as a major bonus: not only you like nice things, but you are good looking as well.