Rune Dagaz meaning

It is the twenty-third of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and, in the same time, the seventh rune of the Tyr’s set.

The meaning of its name is “day” or “dawn”. It represents a sound that is often marked as “D”, but it represents a specific sound.

This sound can be found in the Germanic languages, transcribed as “Dh”, and in English is the “TH” sound from words as “this”, “that”, “the”.

Its shape is the expression of balanced forces, equality, the communication between Earth and Sky, and we can interpret it in many ways.

Dagaz is very similar to Gifu, the rune of grace and love, the X in which the equilibrium can be foreseen.

However, Dagaz has two additional lines that connects the upper points with the lower ones, in other words, things are in balance in nature and in the human being, as well as in Heaven.

Outlined, the circularity of Dagaz is astonishing: it can be drawn endlessly. This aspect signifies the eternal equilibrium, the infinity, the genuineness of changes.

If we take the time to consider, it is a runic variant of lemniscate, the infinity symbol similar to a laid down 8.

Out of the four lines that forms it, two are ascending and two are descending, in an unequal, but wise rhythm.

Starting from the left upper side, things are rapidly and suddenly descending (the dark), then they are slowly ascending (the light), after which they are again suddenly descending, followed by yet another careful ascending.

Starting on the oblique direction, we can slowly descend and rapidly ascend. These all are part of our choices.

Dagaz is the last symmetrical rune and, as we’ve become accustomed, we will present its aspects in a general manner, because it can be influenced for better or worse by the other runes it gets extracted with.

Socially, Dagaz foretells a lot of success, happiness and growth. We are at the end of a road, at the end of a task or at the end of a period of intellectual or emotional investment and we are duly rewarded.

Our work is finally appreciated at its true value and we are glad that we sacrificed so many resources, having nothing but hope. We are in a developmentally auspicious environment and, moreover, we have the power to decide and change things as we wish.

Financially, this rune is extremely beneficial, announcing the overcome of the crisis, the payment or the removal of debt, regained prosperity and general abundance.

Things look quite optimistic and we can enjoy the fruits of our labour. Our income is good and our financial plans are concretizing well.

It’s time to conclude old scores and to start new projects, and the investments made under the auspices of this rune will always have good results.

Erotically, we are content and satisfied. Those who are solitary find inner peace and balance and they can become wiser by understanding the necessity and the usefulness of solitude, and those who are part of a couple are happy together and discover new depth of their relationship.

Communication is conducted with clarity, there is a lot of mutual understanding, empathy and spirit of self-sacrifice, aspects that not only make the relationship stable, but they also help it flourish.

In terms of health, Dagaz brings relief and recovery in case of suffering, but above all else, it brings harmony and balance.

A healthy person, inside and outside, who is in harmony with the surrounding energy fields is the significance of this rune of light.

In case of treatment, light, heliotherapy, bioenergy therapy or reiki are recommended, but it can often signify the repeated exposure to a specific category of rays.