Arts Trails

Art is everywhere in The County. Drive the spectacular countryside and meet the talented artists and gallery owners who make The County a beautiful place to relax, explore and unwind. With modern galleries, rustic barn studios and everything in between the places you visit will be as diverse as the artists themselves. Explore their artistic journeys and gain insight into their original creations.

Purchase a unique work of art as a keepsake or get your hands dirty at an in-studio workshop. What is art? From my point of view, and I think you agree with me, art is a side of humanity.

It is the representation of what each person feels. Gather faith, thought, personality, power, weakness, good will, all that belongs to that man. It is a gift. Art is everything you have in your soul and mind, everything you can convey to others in an elaborate form.

About art you cannot say that it is “easy” or “heavy”. “Weigh” as much as a man can carry. He represents man in fact, he represents his PERSON.

Art does not mean perfection, it means living. It is not just about an art object or an innate talent, but about what a person can achieve with his whole being. It’s not tangible. It is a matter of the divine.
You have to cross the boundaries of feeling to be about art. You have to be able to reach people with what you do. You must be able to translate yourself through art. You must be able to speak through it and you must be able to live through it.

An artist is a man with abilities. An artist is the one who does not fail when it comes to what he does with his talent. An artist must think and know that he will always be surrounded by people who want things from him. An artist is one who does not want perfection from himself.

He is the one who does not want only fame. An artist is the one who presents himself as a human being. It is the one who translates through what he does and the one who believes in the power of the simple. True art needs real artists. Artists must be modest and simple people. This way they can advance even on a left foot and they will not lose their balance nor will their support pillars be demolished.

What’s going on around us today? The term “art” has become increasingly vague. Instead, the term showbiz-people has grown steep. All “artists” are looking for fame to enrich them.

They no longer want people to live more beautifully through their art. Art weighs no more than the balance of material assets and remains the balance of the entire artistic life truly untouched. People change and they see the vulgar part of the so-called artistic manifestations as normal. In fact, there is no more art in our daily lives. Those who really could do that are excluded. No one is looking inside, we are all blind, we can no longer discover ourselves. Not even through art.

Unfortunately, most often, “art” does not mean anything special, but just a trivial way to try to stand out. No one considers art to be thought or felt anymore. But only produced and used.

My urge is to discover for yourself what true art means, to enjoy it and to make your days more beautiful. Merit!