Rune Ansuz meaning

It is the fourth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet. It represents the sound “A”, and the meaning of its name is “God” or “Ancestral”.

In Scandinavian mythology, the Aesir are the principal gods of the pantheon, very much alike the Olympians from the old Ellada.

Its form is a vertical line with two other lines descending from the right side.

Its shape is analogous to Fehu and we can interpret it in many ways. If Fehu represents a man with his arms raised towards the Sky, Ansuz is the God with his arms lowered towards the Earth.

While Fehu represents the need and the prayer, Ansuz represents the godly grace, heaven’s gift, the divine protection and the fulfilment of prayers.

Its form evokes the silhouette of an entity who lowers his arms to bless and to offer protection and teaching.

If we would associate its form to a tree, this would be the fir, with its branches descending from the trunk, protecting the ones below and offering shelter.

Also, the force of the fir, the perfectly vertical growth and its apparent permanence (it doesn’t fade and it’s evergreen) are suggesting as well the power of the God, the immortality and the truth.

In normal position, Ansuz is the rune of communication, inspiration, good, truth, joy and prosperity.

It’s a very beneficial rune when extracted, foretelling a period of joy, openness and progress.

Depending on the question asked, the communication, the openness and the inspiration can manifest in different forms.

Socially, it foretells a good, slow and yet certain ascension, earned through work and diplomacy.

We are honoured by those around us, our merits are recognized and we are rightly praised.

We reap the fruits of our hard work and we are able to enjoy them peacefully, as long as we treasure the same moral and spiritual positive principles. Financially, gains and achievements are insight.

It is rather about inspired choices and favourable directions, especially in the investment area, than about spectacular gains.

The rune also shows profitable business and honest earnings, but also economic wisdom.

In terms of health, this rune brings plenty of health, good moods, increased immunity and peace.

In case of current sickness, it foretells recovery.
In reversed position, Ansuz displays the vices of communication and the problems arising from this. Depending on the asked question, misunderstanding, lack of inspiration and confusion can manifest through different aspects.

Socially, reversed Ansuz heralds obstacles, slowdowns and periods of stagnation. We wait to receive something or we even start a new project, but we are pulled back.

There may be confusions, flawed communication and even malicious words addressed to us.

Financially, this rune reversed shows an obstacle or a minor loss. Erotically, it shows boredom, lack of inspiration and communication, routine, stress.

It may also indicate a duplicitous nature, petty interests, manipulation, hidden things, gossip, lies and adultery.

In terms of health, reversed Ansuz may indicate a lack of enthusiasm and energy, minor illness or passing allergies.