Ehwaz Rune Meaning

It is the nineteenth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and the third of the Tyr’s aett. It represents the sound “E” and the meaning of its name is “horse” or “stallions”.

In the past, the horse was not only a transportation, but also an extremely important asset of the household.

It represented not only the speed its owner could travel, but also his social standing.

Its form depicts duality, communication and partnership. We can see it as a sketched silhouette of a horse, two horses harnessed at a war or hunting chariot, or two men shaking hands.

It is the rune of communication and collaboration, because a horse with no owner is an unbridled force, and a man with no horse is not a rider.

The rider must love and know his horse very well in order to train him, and the horse must listen to his owner in order to get fed and cared for properly.

In normal position, Ehwaz represents the contact, the harmony, the flow and the coherency.

It is a very good rune when extracted, foretelling a period of fluidity in everything we do.

Also, it strengthens and emphasizes the significance of the adjacent runes it gets extracted with.

Depending on the asked question, the mediating forces of Ehwaz can manifest under different forms.

Socially, it signifies success and popularity. We are constantly sought, our fame is increasing in important social circles with people that matter and people start to communicate with us and around us more than they did before.

We work in team and we are part of an adequate collective, which we can perceive as a second family. Outstanding gratifications, many coincidences, synchronicities and congruities are in sight.

Financially, we can benefit from productive partnerships or the support of other people for what we are trying to accomplish and obtain.

Erotically, there is harmony and a great compatibility in the couple’s life. The partner is content and happy, the communication is very open, which is an extremely healthy aspect in any relationship, and things are going smooth. The relationship can reach moments when words are redundant, the two partners understanding each other just from small gestures, looks and, inexplicably, by instinct.

In terms of health, this rune brings a major balance of all body’s systems. We improve our lifestyle and our maintenance, we are in good shape and we enjoy an incredible easiness that helps us perform even the most difficult tasks.
In reversed position, it is hard to say this is a definitely negative sign. Depending on the asked question, reversed Ehwaz can manifest under different dissonant aspects or limitations that can lead to frustration.

Socially, this tune predicts a lack of cohesion and communication. We lose touch with most of our acquaintances and the interpersonal relationships fall now in obscurity.

Unpleasant synchronicities can occur, we can “suddenly” meet people we hoped we would never meet again and certain situation can surprise us off guard. Things are uncertain, stagnant, but not compromised.

Financially, this tune shows frustration or dissatisfaction. Regardless of how much we earn or what vital necessities are satisfied by our current financial status, we have the feeling that we still need something, that what we have is not enough, that we are lacking something very important.

Often, these frustrations have their roots in an unhealthy concept regarding the standards of living, inexistent needs and personal whims.

Comparing ourselves with others and envy can play a very important role in this erroneous concepts of having more, of being in step with others.
Erotically, it shows incompatibility between partners.

It might be a physical, emotional or mental incompatibility. The physical incompatibility is connected both to the sexual relationship and the living conditions of both partners, for example, the distance that separates them.

The emotional incompatibility implies major differences in the character, temperament and goals of each partner and the mental incompatibility refers to the concepts the two partners live by

. The couple can face a bad period, coldness, indifference, lack of understanding and stubbornness.

In terms of health, it can indicate lack of harmony and vitality. Our lifestyle, our habits and our routine can go head-to-head with our health condition.

Affections that limit our capacity of movement can occur, from simple colds that force us to be confined in the house, to accidents of the locomotor system.