Fehu Rune Meaning

It is the first one out of twenty-four runes of the magic Nordic alphabet. The sound which it represents is F, and its name means “Cattle” or “Wealth”.

In the past, cattle were associated with wealth, the ownership of a large herd showed the place of an individual in the community, his wealth and the prosperity of his household, but also the silence and calmness of a happy, worry-free lifestyle.

Its form represents the principle of good, and we can interpret it in different ways.

It resemblances the silhouette of a man who has his arms raised to the Sky, like he were praying and also thanking.

This reminds us that regardless of what we need, we can ask The Father for it, with the certainty that we will get as much as we can carry, but we also have to show the afferent appreciation when we receive it.

The Fehu’s form also represents the young, fruitful branch dashing intertwined from the trunk, or from a thicker branch.

This represents the fructification of work and the success achieved naturally with effort and perseverance.

And last but not least, two tributary streams of water which effuse in a river, meaning enhanced forces, successes, wealth and harmony.

It should be noted that the two elements, whether we see in them the arms of a priest, a tree’s branches or tributary rivers, are placed on the right side of the central line, namely in the positive side.

In normal position, Fehu signifies wealth, gain, wellbeing, but also harmony and serenity.

It is an especially good rune while in a draught because it announces a period of abundance and profit. Depending on the question, the profit or abundance can manifest in different forms.

Socially, it foretells success, fame and even advancement. The person’s fame can increase, enjoy kind words, favorable critique or even elegies, which always have to be welcomed in absolute modesty.

Financially, Fehu announces rightful gain, profit after conscious work, a well deserved reward or the appreciation of those for whom we work, whether they are our heads or clients.

As for love, Fehu shows mutual understanding between partners and accomplishment and joy in general. The partners are open, sincere with each other, working together so as to bring harmony overall.

When speaking of health, this rune brings good health and a generally positive state, good immunity and recovery in case of disease.

The recovery is a little rough, although long-lasting and certain. Fehu doesn’t announce overnight miracles or sudden recoveries, but rather solid and gradual ones, for which the patient has to fight and work.

Reversely, Fehu signifies loss, diminution, bad luck, lack of harmony and conflict. Depending on the question, the loss or bad luck can manifest in different ways.

Socially, the reversed Fehu announces loss of benefits and attributions. It may be the aftermath of wrong actions or attitude against those around.

We can lose fame, respect, and the positive reputation previously developed can easily fall apart. Financially, this rune shows loss.

Whether they are virtual losses, like blocked accounts or stock market ones, or physical loss of goods, including money, we deal with roving or alienation of our assets or money.

In the erotic area, it shows lack of harmony in a couple, conflict and even separation.

Put in a certain context next to the other runes it appears next it can signify temporal apathy, suspicion of the partner, or even losing said partner due to petty and frivolous reasons.

On the matter of health, it can point towards decreased vitality and endangered immunity. We are at risk of disease, and our systems are lacking harmony.