Gifu Rune Meaning

It is the seventh of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and the penultimate rune of the first set of eight.

It represents the sound “G” and its name (Gifu or Gebo) means “gift, present” or “generosity”.

In the past, any new relationship was sealed with a gift from each partner, therefore the gift is the symbol of any kind of relationship.

Its form is expressing the idea of fair trade, evoking the stylized shape of arms that offer each other a gift.

Gifu represents the meeting between two equal forces, which are opposed in gender, but coincide in nature.

Each line of the two lines that forms the rune has its own length, tilt and orientation, but the middle point unifies them, being a part of each.

In the same way, in any human relationship, each partner has his own qualities, defects, characteristics and attributes, but what each offers to the other is the link between the two of them or their common point.

So far, we’ve studied the position of the runes in two hypostases: positive and negative, which means normal and reversed orientation.

But what shall we do with Gifu, which looks the same from any position? Gifu, along with six other runes, which we are going to study at the right time, belongs to the group of symmetrical runes from the alphabet, which looks the same regardless of their position.

They signify general things and depending on the other runes they get extracted with, they gain a more profound meaning.

When extracted, Gifu is an auspicious rune, announcing a period of happiness, fulfilment and prosperity.

Depending on the asked question, Gifu’s force can take different forms. Socially, it foretells an outstanding success and a great personal charisma. An important partnership, a friendship that brings along many benefits are in sight.

Financially, Gifu predicts an unexpected gift, a recompense.

We can gain profit from the undertaken activities or, we simply receive the sign of someone’s friendship in the form of unexpected generosity.

Erotically, it is always the sign of love, of relationships and good understanding.

For those who are single, it announces a relationship that hardly can wait to manifest itself, a connection in the near future or a confirmation of hidden feelings for a loved person.

For couples, this rune signifies reconciliation, understanding, harmony and rekindling love.

The partners are especially satisfied and happy with each other and they do not seek anything outside their relationship to ensure their emotional needs.

In an extraction with the purpose of finding out the necessary thing in the life of the couple, that ensures happiness, Gifu can signify both gift and sacrifice: let us not forget that the most beautiful gift for the person you love is to scarify your own interests, wishes and whims in order to maintain the happiness of both.

In terms of health, this rune brings vitality, health, optimism and joy. The exception is for the cases when the cause for an affection is sought: in this case, Gifu can indicate the source of the affection from the contact with another person, and in specific cases, it can signify sexually transmitted diseases, due to its relational symbolism.