Ingwaz (Inguz) Rune Meaning

Rune Ingwaz meaningIt is the twenty-second of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and, in the same time, the sixth of the Tyr’s aett.

It represents the sound “Ng”, a specific sound to the northers languages. It is a somewhat silent sound, more of an echo, rather than pronounced, as in the English words “king” or “ring”, with a silent “N” and no audible “G”.

Its name is a variant of Yng or Inwe, a god more or less identical with Freyr, the ancestor and the genitor of the Ingvaeones and the Swedish dynasty that bears its name, the Yngling dynasty. It is the penultimate symmetrical rune of the Futhark alphabet.

Its shape is the expression of duality, balance, the opposite sign forces that intertwine, but also the harmony between the human being with the nature and with everything around.

It is a relatively neutral rune when extracted, emphasizing the significance of the adjacent runes and making their vibrations to manifest.

Ingwaz symbolizes the ancestor, the father, the origin, the masculine fertility, the virility (being the masculine correspondence of Perthro in terms of sexual symbolism), the harmony and understanding, but also the labour, the effort and the peace of mind derived from fulfilling your duties.