Jera Rune Meaning

It is the twelfth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and, in the same time, the forth rune of the second aett.

The represented sound is marked with “J” in the northern countries and it is a rather closed “I, more similar “Y” sound, than to “J”.

In the past, and especially in the Scandinavian countries, progress, abundance and light were associated with warmer seasons – spring and summer – which were following winter, just as Jera follows Isa.

After the stagnation announced by Isa, harvest, warmth, joy and the rewards of labor are following.

It is one of the nine symmetrical runes that have the same aspect, regardless of their position, whether normal or reversed.

Its form is the representation of the natural cycles, the two northern seasons that succeed one another.

From a hermetical standpoint, Jera’s form is extremely important, symbolizing the two eternal forces: Masculine and Feminine, Warm and Cold, Static and Dynamic etc.

It is important because they are not in perfect equilibrium, one of them is always above the other.

When this is happening, The Law of Vibration determines the switching of places, the predominant element becoming dominant and thus, movement occurs.

Having the climatic cycles as example, in the cold season the cold weather and the feminine side are predominant and warmth and the masculine side are dominant.

During the warm season is exactly the opposite, the two rarely being in balance.

This rune also represents successions as patriarchate following matriarch, which in turn was preceded by another patriarchate etc.

Even the couple life has this type of accents, one of the partners being in charge sooner or later and opposite.

Jera has a multitude of significances and depending on the asked question, we can interpret in many ways.

It is a beneficial rune when extracted, foretelling a period of abundance, wealth, fertility and satisfaction, but also of turnings of the proverbial table.

Socially, it predicts major and usually beneficial changes. The loved ones see us in a new light, our work colleagues notice our efforts and success and congratulate us and our leaders observe, in a critical but pleasantly surprised manner, our evolution at the workplace.

We enjoy the fruits of our labor and we are on the “wave”, so we must be happy. Social success brings prosperity and satisfaction, both in our personal and family life.

Financially, the rewards of our efforts and the fruits of our labor are in sight.

There might be changes in income, like a salary raise or a bonus, unexpected income as inheritances, lottery jackpots, success on the stock market or simply a favorable and satisfying financial standing.

Erotically, things are going from good to excellent. The tensions between partners disappear and little charming mouse and cat games occur, teasing between lovers and those character inequalities that make a relationship unique.

Albeit a partner can dominate at home, in society the roles can change, same as in other domains of the couple’s life: when one partner is detrimental, the other will soon take turn to be dominated.

Things are going well, the partners are understanding and complementing each other and all inequalities and imbalances transform in a diverse mosaic of emotions and feelings.

In terms of health, this rune brings healing, recovery and victory against sickness. In extreme cases, it can be an alarm signal, announcing the relapse of an affection.