Rune Laguz meaning

It is the twenty-first of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and the fifth of Tyr’s aett.

It represents the sound “L” and its name has the meaning of “lake” or “water”.

Usually, when the modern man thinks of water, especially at the non-flowing bodies of water, he has in mind the image of a peaceful lake or of a tropical azure sea.

Water means life, beauty and the peace we associate it with. The Scandinavian people, however, have known the water under the most threatening conditions: the sea, in the northern tradition, is an irrepressible force, hard to subdue.

It can offer work, refuge and food, but in the same time, it can make adventures wander, it can sink ships and it can demand innocent lives.

In normal position, Laguz signifies the intuition, the instinct, the unknown, the dream, the hidden and the truth that initiates.

It is a good rune when extracted,

foretelling a period of emphasis of the spiritual experiences. Depending on the asked question, Laguz’s sensibility and instinct can manifest under different forms.

Socially, it foretells a pleasant anonymity, in which we can take refuge when we desire peace. If everything around us is rumbling like a hurricane, we can take shelter in the eye of the storm and enjoy the calmness, whether we circumvent the events or not.

We are left alone and it is good to take the time off for a vacation or a retreat, even if it’s only for a few days.

Financially, this rune brings the success gained after some inspired acquisitions.

Following our instinct, rather than our judgement, we will make ten times better choices regarding personal and professional economy and it is recommended to make acquisitions or, where appropriate, to invest liquidity, in order to make profit at a later time.

Erotically, Lagus shows dreaming, mystery and charm. The partners fall in love with aspects they just discover in the other one. Romance, dreams, a sensation of easiness and unreal are predominant.

In terms of health, this rune brings an increased sensibility to everything that implies external factors and a pronounced perceptiveness to internal factors.

In regards to the affections we already suffer from, relief, withdrawal, gradual healing and, finally, health are in sight.

In reversed position, Laguz predicts imbalance, lack of harmony, confusion, ignorance and lack of perspective.

Depending of the asked question, the sickness, the boredom or the anxiety foretold by this rune can manifest under different aspects.

Socially, reversed Laguz announces oblivion and confusion. We are dull, we are no different from those around us and we become a mere cog in a bigger gearwheel.

Routine, boredom, lack of perspective and the annoyance to interact with other people are the predominant aspects.

We are not able to interact with joyous and positive people, because their success is depressing, nor with sad people, because it makes us sink even further in despair. We pity ourselves, even if the situation is only stagnant, not tragic.

Financially, this rune shows numbness, lack of strength and vision. We shouldn’t invest in anything and it is recommended to skimp well our money, being prone to minor, but many losses, which could destabilize and jeopardize our economic comfort.

Erotically, it shows doubt regarding our own forces and qualities, lack of self-respect and self-confidence, image or vision problems concerning both ourselves and our partner.

There are things passed into silence that the couple should talk about. There are hidden feelings, desires, needs, fantasies and thoughts, which lead to a decline in communication and to a distant relationship. In the worst case, adultery, infidelity and, implicitly, deceitfulness, hypocrisy and lies can occur.

In terms of health, reversed Laguz can indicate mental, psychiatric problems, originating, mainly, from repressed feelings and emotions.

Everything we repress and all the issues we refuse to face are “swept under the rug”, superficially hidden, out of laziness or cowardice, until the moment when they set off anxieties, worries and noticeable psychiatric disorders.