Learning to read the Runes

Learning to re

Divining the Runes

Divination works in the following way – If you have a problem, or an issue for which you need guidance, hold your Rune bag with your right hand so the Runes rest in the palm of your left hand, then focus your thoughts on that problem. This will send a vibration into the Runes – the Rune or Runes that can provide guidance about the issue will resonate, and you will be unconsciously attracted to pick out these Runes. The more focused your thinking – the clearer the answer will be.

Learning to read the Runes

Getting to know the Runes themselves, should be the first step you take when learning to read the Runes. You should memorize the literal meanings of the Rune names as a starting point, rather than memorizing the interpretations of each one from a book. Instead, starting with Fehu, take one Rune each day, and meditate on it – ending with Othila. To help you with this, there are several daily exercises you can do, such as, word association with the Rune names, visualization, and physical connection with the Rune. Remember to always keep a record of your Rune readings in a journal, and record which Runes landed face up or face down, what you think each one meant in the context of the reading, and what your general impressions were. Even if a reading makes no sense to you when you do it, it’s meaning might become clearer later on. This will encourage you to pay closer attention to your instincts – even if you are sure you’re wrong!

Consulting the Runes/Rune Spreads

As there are no ‘laws’ or historical descriptions of Runic divination, virtually any method can be considered valid. You can create your own spreads, and decide what you wish each Rune to represent – as long as you maintain a strong intent when drawing each Rune, they will give you guidance about anything.

The Single Rune – is one of the most common methods of drawing Runes, it is simple, quick, and effective. You can draw a single Rune for a variety of reasons – to act as a guiding Rune for the day ahead, as a guide before beginning a project, or to gain further insight into an issue or problem. Before drawing a single Rune, hold your Rune bag while you focus on the issue you wish to ask the Runes. Then pick a single Rune, and look up it’s meaning (remember to note whether it’s upright, or reversed).

The Three Rune Spread – is particularly useful in giving an overall picture of an issue. It places the issue in it’s context by showing the events that have led up to it (the past), the issue itself (the present), and the possible outcome (the future). For the three Rune spread, focus on an issue until you have it clearly fixed in your mind, now think about the events that have led up to the issue and draw your first Rune – this will represent the Past. Next, think about the issue as it stands right now, and draw your second Rune – this will represent the Present. Finally, as you draw your third Rune, focus where the issue is taking you, or what the possible outcome will be – this will represent the Future. Once you have your three Runes laid out in front of you – in sequence – Past, Present, and Future, look up the meanings for each one.

The World Tree Spread – is a more advanced method of Rune divination. The World Tree, is one of the oldest and most universal symbols in the world – it is a powerful archetypal image, and a source of great wisdom and knowledge – and a result, the World Tree Spread was designed to to act as a guide to the next stage of your spiritual journey, giving you deep insight and knowledge about the next lesson you can learn, the next challenge that lies ahead, your guides, allies, omens, and more. With this spread, you are not coming with a question or problem, you are using the Runes as an oracle. The spread begins at the Earth, and rises up to the heavens – this represents a phase of your spiritual journey – have this image clearly fixed in your mind, and draw your first Rune.

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