Rune Mannaz meaning

It is the twentieth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and the forth of the last set, Tyr’s aett.

It represents the sound “M” and its name means “human” or “humanity”. Its shape is mysterious to you, but we can discern two people offering their arms in an embracement.

In normal position, Mannaz signifies all the people we are connected to, everyone we touched in our life, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Between every person and us (the two vertical lines) there is a permanent exchange of goods, information, emotions and energies (the two oblique lines).

Every time we receive something, we must be aware of the fact that we are becoming indebted, and every time we offer something, we must know that, one way or another, that thing will come back to us.

Everything we do, either good or bad, has an effect, not only on the other person, but also on us.

It is a positive rune when extracted, symbolizing not only the human being and humanity, but also kindness.

Depending on the asked question, the prowess, the compatibility and the help foretold by Mannaz can manifest under different forms.

Socially, it predicts a lot of activity and plenty of communication. It can be either active or passive, express or implied.

We are the centre of attention, we have quite a few responsibilities and we have to prove we are able to do what it’s required, not only what we wish to do.

Financially, we use the relationships we established to advance our own business or we obtain the help of a group or of a well-intentioned person. We enjoy good stability and we are engaged in a very healthy financial flow.

Erotically, Mannaz represents an outstanding partnership and a mature relationship that went beyond the initial crises.

Things are going well on all levels, communication is very good and the partners are supporting each other, regardless of the severity of the situation. The quote “for better or worse” applies perfectly, even if no marital vows were made.

In terms of health, this rune brings health, immunity and vitality. We are in balance with both our inner and outer selves and we can say everything is in harmony. We are enjoying our lives and we evolve in the right direction.

In reversed position, depending on the asked question, reversed Mannaz can have different manifestations.

Socially, reversed Mannaz announces frustration, dissatisfaction, gossip, defamation, humiliation one way or another.

Our actions are selfish and we must look at the way we act from other people’s perspective.

Financially, this rune shows useless risks and bad choices. We’ve proved ourselves impolite and selfish, so we are not benefiting from the partnerships we used to have, nor from the help of other people.

We pay for what we ruined and we sleep in a bed we were too lazy to make properly.

Erotically, this runes shows lack of sensibility. Things are getting distant, the shortcomings are becoming evident, even the small and until now, insignificant ones.

Everyone is on his own and the life of the couple is reduced to a masquerade, for other people’s sake.

Each side thinks it’s in the right and they justify their actions, even the hidden ones, by their own standards of justice, according to their own opinions.

In terms of health, it can indicate a low immune system, psychosomatic illnesses and personality crisis.

We have no faith in ourselves and, in consequence, we don’t believe in the idea of balance or in the divine justification of sickness.

Anyone (especially God) is responsible for our suffering, but us.