Nauthiz Rune Meaning

It is tenth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and, in the same time, the second rune of the Heimdall’s aett.

It represents the sound “N” and its name means “need” or “necessity”. Its form indicates an imbalanced scale, a disharmonious balance.

This rune is as negative as Hagalaz when extracted, announcing a period of poverty, both figuratively and literally.

Nauthiz represents the need to have, to obtain, whether it is something we truly need, or something we believe we need in order to be happy.

Nauthiz is the void, the inner emptiness that many try to fill with either material possessions, money or celebrity, or with ephemeral pleasures.

It is the need of something unutterable that we fill, out of cowardice, with something that we shouldn’t.

Nauthiz teaches us the courage to look deep into ourselves to find what we truly need. It is a signal rune that warns us that we do not act properly.

Through our actions, we either cause disparity in our life or in other people lives, or we facilitate its manifestation.

Depending on the asked question, the need, the poverty or the strait can manifest in different forms.

Socially, it predicts a significant reduction of personal status. We lose ground against our enemies, we lose the trust of our friends or relatives, and we are constantly placed in the second place.

It is time to resume work and earn through honest effort all the things we’ve been enjoying until that moment.

Financially, Nauthiz announces, same as Hagalaz, losses, poverty, impasse and necessity. We lead a life with no luxuries and we cannot afford more than what it’s necessary for survival.

In a strictly financial extraction, this rune warns us about selfishness, craves and decadence, guiding us to take the path of modesty and of what is strictly necessary.

In terms of health, this rune announces a period of weakness, vulnerability and low immune system.

We must be careful with our own body and provide it with what it needs, without indulging ourselves in excess. What is beyond absolute necessity can be harmful and can expose us to dangers.

Erotically, this rune draws attention that there is a pregnant imbalance between what we want and what we need.

We set too rigid and unrealistic standards for our partner, without considering things from their perspective.

Our thoughts are not matching our acts and the tensions are soon to appear. We are dishonest or we are the target of injustice. Nauthiz brings discomfort, dissatisfaction, whims, but also a time to reflect on our true priorities.