Rune Othila meaning

It is the last of the twenty-four runes that have been the subject of our study and the eighth rune of the Tyr’s set.

It represents the vowel “O” and its name can be either a proper name or a reference to ancestral heritage.

In the past, although the cattle, symbolized by the first rune – Fehu, was the most visible sign of wealth, the real wealth was the land.

Anonymous, unseen, rarely taken into consideration, the yard’s dust or the mud after rain, the land was the man’s most important asset.

Without property, there was no point in owning cattle, if a man was unable to feed or care for them.

There was no point in having riches if a man didn’t raise a household. There was no point in having fame if a man didn’t know his ancestors.

All these are characteristics of Othila: the earth, the land, the property, the inheritance, the dowry, and the ancestors.

The shape of the rune can depict many things: the beams and the roof of a house, the face and the shoulders of an ancestor or the crossed weapons on the chest of a passed ancestor, along with his helmet.

In normal position, Othila is an auspicious rune when extracted, foretelling a period of stability, certainty and gain.

Depending on the asked question, the heritage and the values signified by Othila can manifest under different forms.

Socially, it foretells the foundation, the understructure, the base of our situation.

It is a very strong rune for those interested in social position, indicating the rightful place in a hierarchy or lineage.

We are someone’s descendants and we must prove we are worthy of it by also amassing pertinent values in order to bequeath to our heirs.

Othila reveals sustainable, long-term projects that at least a few generations will benefit from, as opposed to small and petty things people usually occupy their lives with. Even if they are not genetic heirs, the things we start will be inherited by suitable people, which we must choose carefully.

Financially, Othila signifies a strong condition, the prosperity that comes from sustainable enterprises and wise investments.

This is not a rune that represent luck, risk or undeserved gain, but a rune of capitalizing labor, of certain and well thought investments.

It is time to put our money to work for us in a correct manner, implicitly, helping to the development of other people. Blind savings are equally unhealthy in this case, only a solidification of the future projects is recommended.

Erotically, this rune shows intimacy and good understanding in the couple’s life.

Those emotionally involved can now decide if they can make brave moves, as a joint house or starting a family.

The families of those involved are supportive and even eager in this regard, but the ones with the power to decide are the two members of the couple.

Othila represents the solid, durable, mature or in process to become mature relationship.

In terms of health, this rune brings resistance, immunity and an impeccable health, most likely genetically inherited.

It can signify that health is the most precious thing for the person who makes the rune extraction, and it must be respected and maintained as it is.

In reversed position, Othila is the rune of debts and wanderings, but also of bad habits and inherited defects.

Socially, the unpleasant inheritance of those before us is giving us trouble. We are facing biases against us, especially in terms of gender, race, nationality or origin.

We have to work more in order to raise above all negative expectations that we involuntary provoke.

Financially, this rune indicates deprivation, blight, poverty and general austerity.

We are put in difficult situation, inheriting the debt of those before us. We are forced to settle the things our ancestors did, pay their debts and withstand those who are asking for retributions.

Erotically, this rune shows either oppression, or routine. One of the partners is abusively imposing on the other, depriving the latter of choices and freedoms.

It might also signify that the relationship is stagnant, the routine reached an alarming level for the relationship to be fresh and there are communication issues.

Extracted along a financial rune, reversed Othila can indicate problems caused by a house, an inheritance or money. In rare cases, along with runes associated with magic, it signifies sexual relationships or spells.

In terms of health, it can indicate lack of vitality and a poor health. This can be a family medical heritage: hereditary diseases are often associated with this rune.

Additional runes can be extracted in order to investigate from which part of the family they originate, where from, for what reason and what treatment should be administrated in order to eliminate them.