Rune Perthro meaning

It is the fourteenth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and, in the same time, the sixth rune of the second Aett.

In the past, destiny was associated with a mysterious dice game played by gods.

Luck seemed as random for those who didn’t know the laws of Universe as the dice game, but the old wizards had the knowledge of all the possibilities and all the combinations of possibilities of the dices.

If the dice is the good luck or bad luck of the human being, the cup used by the old ones to mix the dices is the supreme unknown in which the destiny of the world is mixed, decanted and decided.

Its shape depicts a cavity, an opening and we can interpret it in many ways. The glass or the cup are representing, from the oldest times, the depths of interpretation, the knowledge.

Socially, it foretells a rebirth, a rebinding of some connections we thought long lost.

We return with new forces, we have a lot of things to do and we feel reborn, reinvigorated

. We have fresh energy and a capacity of work that suits very well the new responsibilities, which are coming to test our devotion and dedication.

Financially, beneficial and sometimes unexpected changes take place. After periods of financial stress and stagnation, money are starting to flow again, the comfort is increasing, our debtors remember us and honour their promises, sometimes with unexpected interest, to reward our kindness and patience.

The little that we have becomes substantially richer and we recover the joy of work.

Erotically, things are going great, harmony, understanding and peace are prevailing.

The couples are rediscovering themselves, falling in love again, and discovering something new every time they look at each other.

The ones that are single or the adventurers have new love conquests and a sexual life extremely active.

In terms of health, this rune brings healing and recovering from a long-term sickness.

We have our hopes up for better and we regain our optimism. We get back on our feet and we regain our strength, zest for life and we are grateful for our recovery.

In reversed position, Perthro announces muddy situations in which, most often, we sink from our own fault.

Depending on the asked question, the changes and the teachings can manifest under different aspects.

Socially, reversed Perthro predicts loneliness and obscurity. We are not as memorable as we would like to believe, we are pushed, from one reason or another, in the shadows, our opinions are overlooked and we get the feeling that we are not even noticed by the people around us.

This can lead to melancholic, depressive states of mind, from which we can escape only if we self-evaluate our priorities and goals.

Financially, this rune shows periods of stagnation, problems and obstacles. We are more or less aware of the future and we know what to expect.

Also, this reversed rune indicates that, unfortunately, we can cast our own negative expectation over the future. The mechanism is not predictive, but projective.

We don’t know the negative results of our actions, but rather we attract it though negative thoughts and mental scenarios.

Erotically, it shows a bad mood and, most often, secret adventures. In a couple, reversed Perthro usually indicates adultery or the woman’s infidelity, or fights caused by it.

In terms of health, it can indicate sickness. Whether is about venereal diseases or reproductive system’s diseases in general, or typically feminine affections, Perthro shows the hidden nature of the sickness.

It’s recommended to run a complete set of medical tests in order to make sure everything is all right.