Rune Raidho meaning

It is the fifth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet. It represents the sound “R” and its name means “wagon” or “cart”.

It belongs to the same family of the Indo-European RADH root. In the past, the horses and the wagon were the most common form of transportation, the wagon meaning a major journey, in which all the personal belongings of the owner were involved, a temporary or permanent relocation.

Its shape represents, much to our dismay, not a chariot, but the silhouette of a man who is advancing, with one leg firmly standing on the ground and the other stepping forward.

Raidho’s significance is movement, travel and we can interpret it in many ways.

In normal position, Raidho represents all the beneficial changes of situation, progress, achievements and accelerations.

When extracted, it is a very favourable rune, foretelling a period of unexpected precipitations, synchronicities, coincidences meant to make life easier.

Depending on the asked question, the travels, either literal or symbolic, can manifest under different forms. Socially, it predicts significant progress.

We will be able to easily overcome any obstacle and we will do it with amazing skill.

We will advance in our social circle and we will evolve for the better.

Also, changes will occur, which might appear sudden or surprising, but they will all work in our favour.

Financially, Raidho foretells changes and fluidity. It is time to act, to put our instinct to work.

We can lose as fast as we can win. Erotically, Raidho is beneficial and denotes that all things go well, going with fast steps towards an ideal relationship.

Things are happening fast, but naturally, and couple life is full of energy and completely satisfying.

In terms of health, this rune brings health, but also, many changes. Raidho indicates evolution and progress and, in our case, recovery, energy and resistance.

In reversed position, Raidho personifies not only obstacles or setbacks, but also the wrong paths we sometimes follow.

Depending on the asked question, trouble can manifest under a different aspect.

Socially, reversed Raidho announces crises, delays, procrastination, unfulfilled promises. It is time to set aside the big plans and to focus on personal improvement.

Financially, this rune displays significant income depreciation, overdue payments, inactivity and lack of profit.

Under any circumstances, it is not the time for new investments, it is rather the time to show more patience and to reappraise the available opportunities, avoiding radical decisions as much as possible.

In terms of health, reversed Raidho may indicate crises, rigidity and immobility.

A poor state of health can limit our mobility or can literally lock us inside the house.

It is possible to get critically ill, and in terms of mental and emotional health, there is a predisposition for melancholy, depression and pathological introversion.