Sowilo Rune Meaning

It is the sixteenth of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and the rune that closes the Heimdall’s cycle, the second set of eight.

It represents the sound “S” and its name, Sowilo (related with the Latin “Sol”), means “Sun”.

Another name of this rune is “Sig” or “Sigel” (Siegel). In the past, the Sun was one of the focal point of veneration, the brightest visible celestial object, on which both natural and human cycles were based on.

Its form is the expression of power and light, the blaze, but it is withal a simplification of the oldest solar symbol: the swastika.

Sowilo is a asymmetrical rune and thus, it cannot have a reversed position. When extracted, it is a profoundly positive rune, often amplifying the force of other runes, which are extracted alongside.

Depending on the asked question, the success, the power and the energy foretold by Sowilo can take different forms.

Socially, it predicts the achievement of goals and social ascension. We benefit from great success, we are valued by our leaders, liked by our colleagues and we gain authority and power of decision.

Sowilo is a rune of leaders, which means that advancement in rank or a promotion in a leading position is possible.

However, we have to be careful with the way we act in such a position and make sure we handle all the responsibilities that come with it.

Financially, we are successful and wealthy. There will be a period of growth and profit, in which we can invest and we can make investments, even the riskiest ones.

We are on the “wave” and luck found its home. We might have pleasant surprises, unexpected gains and unforeseen benefactions.

The money that we lent is paid back and we recover financially from a period of loss and stagnation, which has a positive impact on our mood.

Erotically, the Sun’s rune is quite beneficial. Things are going great, the relationship evolves, the taboos are eliminated and any preexisting asperities are levelled out.

There is good understanding in the couple life and plenty of optimism for the future. Family plans can be made and even a child can occur.

The sexual dynamic is very good, both partners are satisfied. In terms of health, this rune brings a lot of vitality, zest for life, energy and balance.

The positive changes from our life are automatically reflected in our health and vice versa.

We are in full swing, we have good energy, work capacity, optimism and rare joviality which, fortunately for those around us, is contagious. These are those times when we simply shine and nothing can stand against us.