Rune Thurisaz meaning

It is the third of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet. It represents the sound “TH”, a distinctive sound of Germanic languages, including English.

The “T” is pronounced with the tongue touching the upper teeth, sounding very much like “S”.

In English, this sound occurs in words as thing, think, thorn, or thunder, but is very different from the sound “TH” we hear in words as the, there, this, which sounds more similar to the sound “Z”.

The name Thurs means “giant, titan” and Thorn means “spine”. In the Scandinavian tradition, the Thurs were ice giants, primordial beings with tremendous power, which lived in the frozen lands.

Thurisaz is the symbol of their destructive force, brutal power and reactive violence.

In the same time, the rune is associated with the thunder god, Thor, a force of good and defence.

The Thurisaz rune can have extremely different significations, but they are always drastic.

The symbol has the shape of a vertical line, in the right side of which it forms a triangle.

Its shape is the representation of a thorn or a spine, but it could also represent a weapon.

We can interpret it as beneficial or malefic. The beneficial force is represented by Thor’s hammer, named Mjollnir, which helped him generate thunders and defend the humans and the gods from evil forces.

The malefic force is represented by the battle-ax, the sharp halberd of the ice giants with its scathing edge feared by all. Depending on the orientation of the rune, the force can be interpreted in many ways.

In normal position, Thurisaz symbolizes brutal force, the unexpected, the change and needed suffering.

It is an unfavourable rune when extracted, predicting a time of perturbation, fast and relatively unpleasant changes, battles, conflicts and restlessness.

Depending on the asked question, this violent force can take different forms.

Socially, it foretells quarrels, unfavourable changes of situation and trouble.

It is the indicator of the fight for survival, for supremacy and rebellion. The situation demands us to fight for what we want, to animate the inner hero and bring forth its force, courage and warlike enthusiasm.

Financially, Thurisaz represents the great risk based on instinct, which can lead to substantial earnings or ruin.

Usually, this rune warns about impetuosity and lack of reasoning and it is a good thing to pay attention to it when it occurs.

Appeasement of character, a mollification and greater patience are required.

Healthwise, this rune brings a lot of vital force, intense activity and energy. Excesses and exhaustion may exist.

In reversed position, Thurisaz is extremely negative. Socially, reversed Thurisaz predicts disaster, scandal, lost battles, betrayed causes and fast decline from a position of authority.

Financially, this rune shows the unexpected loss of goods or assets, fraud, bankruptcy, prejudice and sometimes even theft.

It is not recommended to take any financial action when this sign occurs, because it is an excellent indicator of disaster.

Erotically, it shows extreme strife, impetuous breakups accompanied or perhaps even caused by the violent or brutal behaviour of one of the partners, especially of the male.

Reversed Thurisaz shows frustrations, guilt, remorse, but also accusations, reproaches and threats.

It is the indicator of revenge and hate between two former partners. In terms of health, it may indicate excess, overstraining fallowed by exhaustion or sickness.

An activity sustained in an unhealthy manner can lead to major disorders at a physical and hormonal level, as well as mentally and energetically.

The individual is susceptible to any kind of attacks, pathogen factors and even violent acts from other people. Physical injuries may occur as a result of fights or even attacks.