URUZ rune meaning and interpretation

Uruz is the second rune of the magic Nordic alphabet. The sound it represents is U, and its name means “Aurochs” or “Wild bull”.

The aurochs was a wild ancestor of domestic cattle, which dominated Europe’s plains up until the Dark Ages.

It was the symbol of primary force, beastly power and freedom. Uruz is the token of free, unchained and often hard to suppress forces, but also of brute energy and vitality.

The graphic symbol represents the silhouette of an aurochs or its horns, although the parts lack equilibrium.

The power is present, with feet strongly fixed in the ground, but it too has an unequal manifestation.

The lack of equilibrium can easily lead to excess and then, to extremes, if the individual isn’t careful at the way power, strength and authority manifest themselves in.

In normal position, Uruz signifies strength, control, self-control, dominion as well as advantage, but also sudden changes.

Being an oscillating rune while in a draught, it brings with itself a particular dynamism and greatly enhances all of the runes it finds itself next to, be them good or bad.

Depending on the question, the changes brought about by Uruz may manifest in different ways. Socially, it foretells a never before seen leap, a flashing ascension and a sharp change regarding assets.

Financially, Uruz announces a substantial and unexpected gain, as a result of a risk previously taken which now pays off, but only for a short while.

The aforementioned gain must be wisely taken into consideration and administered because other risks, motivated by the wish for even greater profit, may bring about losses equally great to the gain, as quickly as before.

In the erotic domain, this rune signifies the primary attraction between two people, beast-like attraction and the purest form of sexuality.

When speaking of a single person, It shows rich adventures filled with passion, which quickly consume themselves.

In the life of a couple, it brings a share of sexual harmony, a lot of passion and complete satisfaction, maybe even revitalizing a struggling couple.

Healthwise, this rune represents strength, vitality and endurance. Uruz is the token of physical strength and vitality, energy and adrenaline, coupled with a will of life which can entirely refresh a man.

In case of disease, the recovery is swift and sudden, coming in a surprising manner.

Reversed, it signifies all of the vices and weaknesses deducted from the aforementioned virtues. Socially, the man is dominated by those around him, lacking in power, and others make decisions in his name.

The mental strength is minimal, as is the will of doing anything. If Uruz signifies the all-conquering force, in reverse position, the exact opposite is true, namely the conquered one.

Financially, it brings about major, fast losses and uninspired risk-taking. Every gain has its time, as does every loss.

In the erotic area, it can resemble ignorance, lack of sensibility, even brutality, but also an erroneous use of energy which can lead to sexual problems, both for men and for women

As for health, it can indicate poor vitality, disease or depression, a total lack of will to live, sadness or anguish.