Wunjo Rune Meaning

It is the eight of the twenty-four runes of the magical Norse alphabet and, in the same time, the last rune from the first set, Frey’s aett.

It represents the sound “W”, a kind of closed vowel, somewhere between the sound of “U” and “W”, as in the English words what – uat, want – uant etc. It is rarely pronounced „V”.

Its name, Wunjo (pronounced Wunya or Unyo) means „ joy, rapture” or „glory”.

In the past, this rune was associated with victory, peace, lack of worries and suffering.

It was even associated with Walhalla, the ancestral citadel where the souls of the warriors went after death to find peace, a kind of temporary Viking Heaven.

Its form is easy to confuse with Thurisaz, therefore we have to keep in mind the differences between the two: basically, Wunjo looks like letter „P”, just as Raidho looks like letter „R”.

It has a mysterious form, but the silhouette of a stylized cup made out of horn can be noticed, which is the symbol of rest and drinking after prolonged effort.

Wunjo is the expression of joy, happiness, peace, harmony, but also the brief success, the illusion of momentary fulfilment and we can interpret it in many ways, depending on the position it is extracted and the field of interest.

In normal position, Wunjo is a very good rune when extracted, predicting a period of rest, peace, comfort and happiness. Depending on the asked question, happiness and contentment can manifest in different forms.

Socially, it foretells plenty of luck and the fulfilment of all the plans we have in the present.

We are satisfied with ourselves and with what we have accomplished and we have very good and harmonious relationships with everyone around us.

Financially, Wunjo announces cheerfulness and earnings, but the best way to describe it is with no worries and no risks.

The couple life is balanced, harmonious, and happy, without quarrels or worries.

In terms of health, this rune brings general health, optimism and zest for life.

For those who are sick, it represents recovery, and for those who are terminally ill, going through a lot of suffering, Wunjo can signify the end, which comes as a release for the dying person and therefore, as a joy.

In reversed position, Wunjo’s benefits are yet to appear and can often be illusory, if not quite actual trouble.

Depending on the asked question, the problems foretold by this rune can take different aspects.

Socially, reversed Wunjo announces the decline from a pretty comfortable position, in which we got used to.

Increased attention is required for those who are taking the benefits of other people work and those who are “working” by doing nothing, because the good days are coming to an end.

Financially, this rune shows loss of money, funds or opportunities of earnings which we believed certain.

Risks must be avoided and we should not get very excited at the first sign of success, because everything can turn at the last moment due to our own exaggerate eagerness and confidence.

Erotically, the rune shows that things in the couple’s life are astray, upside down, there are quarrels, frequent misunderstands and lack of communication.

Appearances are deceiving. In terms of health, it can indicate a declining immune system and affections associated with the vices we nurture.

The principal idea of reversed Wunjo in the medical domain is that not everything that we like is harmful, but especially, not everything that we like is good for us. We indulge in bad and unhealthy habits that slowly bring us down.