Taste Trail

Explore the Taste Trail to experience Prince Edward County’s fantastic flavours! Visit local artisan shops and farmers markets to discover handcrafted preserves and locally grown goodness.
Do you like to run?
Pop into a cidery, brewery, or ice-creamery for a cold treat. From pretty Pinots to cool Chardonnays, visit the wineries and taste something new. Enjoy a meal at any of the Taste Trail restaurants and see why The County was coined as Ontario’s gastronomic capital! By living and breathing an artisanal way of life, The County has redefined progress, and we can’t wait to show you how.

Do you like to run?

Run along the trails of Prince Edward County and stop for a tasting of the finest food and drink.

For reasons of health and comfort, you should dress appropriately when running. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are underdressed in a cold weather or without weatherproof gear when the rains come. Here are some important things to consider when shopping for your running apparel:

Running Apparel

  • Running Clothes – If you are new to Running, it is generally alright to wear clothes made of any material, including cotton. But as you progress, you would soon realize that it is not enough to wear Running Clothes made of cotton as that type of material absorbs sweat until it gets soaked with it. Choose instead those which are made of materials that wick sweat away from your body instead of absorbing it. During cold weather, wear clothes that keep you warm which may include a bonnet, long-sleeved garments and a pair of gloves or mittens. As for warm-weather conditions, wear clothes that are made of breathable materials to keep you cool under the sweltering heat of the sun.
  • Running Socks – As a general rule when buying socks, get those which do not absorb moisture to prevent your feet from developing blisters. That kind of material is especially ideal for long distance runners like marathoners and those who run in difficult terrain like trail runners. Meanwhile, there are different types of socks for different kinds of Running activities. For example, trail runners can benefit greatly from thick socks; while on the other hand, Sprinters can opt to use lightweight socks for their type of sport. Choose the type which fits you comfortably.
  • Running Shoes – When shopping for shoes, finding the right fit means finding the shoe that gives you the most comfort. For better results, look for shoes in Running specialty shops. Or if it isn’t available, try a sports specialty store. For even a better success in finding the best pair for you, seek the advice of a foot specialist and have your feet examined.
  • Cap, Sunglasses, Sunscreen – The sun’s rays could be harmful to you especially when you get exposed to it long enough. Therefore, it would be good to wear a baseball cap and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare. Meanwhile, use sunscreen as a protection from its harmful rays.
  • Reflective Clothing – It may be something you wear over your gear or are integrated to it such as the reflective portions of your Running Shoes. Reflective clothing is essential when you are running early in the morning or in the evening. Remember, however, that it only serves as a sort of early warning device to drivers and you should still take an extra ounce of care when running where there is poor lighting.
  • Sports Bra – This is essential to any woman who wants to take up running. That is because it can be painful to run without anything to support the breasts. It is therefore the job of the Sports Bra to minimize the breasts’ movement every time you run, exercise or do any sports activity. If don’t use one, the ligaments in your breasts may eventually become damaged and cause them to sag.

You have seen in this section the basic apparel that you need when running. If you can, try buying those that are made of the best materials available. They may be expensive at first, but they would be beneficial to you in the long time. However, do not focus on your gear too much. Rather, let your good gear be worth your money by coupling it with a good deal of proper training. Their combination would ensure you a good, if not great amount of success.