Quartz crystals magnify and transmit psychic energy and healing powers

It’s common knowledge that a computer works because of a small device known as a chip. This chip is made of silicon, the same substance that is the source for quartz crystals. Crystals work at many levels – from the heart of the computer to the chakras in the body enabling spiritual healing.

Quartz crystals have all of a sudden gained importance in spiritual healing as powerful tools. They have been used since time immemorial as healing objects, meditation tools and medicines. They have been used to improve creativity, heighten intuition, healing, making healing tools, and for programming it for your specific needs like giving up a bad habit, or bringing about some change in your life or bringing a heightened sensitivity to everything you do.

Crystals have their own particular vibration of a precise and measurable intensity. This vibration attunes itself to our human vibration better than any other gem or mineral. In fact, quartz crystal is used to amplify, clarify and store mental energy or mental records.

Crystals and the age of technology

Quartz crystal is the basis for our present electronic communication system. Without it the development of our communication systems would be severely limited. Everything is dependent on the fact that you can control one particular vibration and extract it from all the millions of vibrations in the universe, and utilise that vibration for communication from one person to the other. This is possible through the use of quartz crystals.

Historic uses of crystals

There are several interesting stories about the use of crystals in Atlantis. Edgar Cayce (one of America’s most famous seers) stated that the largest crystal generator is buried under the Atlantic Ocean near the Devil’s triangle or the Bermuda Triangle and this massive shift of unfocussed electromagnetic energy is what causes ships and planes to go astray.

The ancient Greeks believed that quartz was “eternal ice” which came down from Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods. The people used its natural magnifying power to focus the heat of the suns rays in order to start ceremonial fires.

The ancient Egyptians held quartz sacred and carved their drinking vessels from quartz. When they drank from these cups, they believed that the water became imbued with life-giving energy. They also mined quartz and along with many cultures began to carve it into jewellery and a variety of objects both artistic and utilitarian.

It is said that in the ancient civilisation of Atlantis, crystals were harnessed for power and surgery. Some have claimed that in ancient Egypt the crystals were the force that enabled the huge sandstone blocks to be positioned in building the pyramids.

Types of crystals

Crystals are described as being clear, milky, with rainbow prisms within, or with fractures visible along their length. When chemical impurities are present, a crystal will be tinted in shades of yellow, rose blue and green. Citrine may be yellow or brownish, rose quartz is pink, and amethyst appears in various shades of a light to deep violet or purple. The most important aspect of quartz crystal at our present level of understanding is its receiving, amplification and broadcasting ability for the human body, mind, soul and brain.

How can you choose a crystal?

Do you know that it is said that crystals are like cats and they select their owner. If you are supposed to have a particular crystal it will come to you. The best way to determine this is to listen to your inner self and select the crystal that’s interesting and attractive to you.

All living things have a certain vibration or frequency. Each crystal has its own particular vibration and each will resonate differently. A psychically sensitive person can pick up a rock or a piece of jewellery and tell where it has been and the impressions it carries. So when you select or pick out a stone from a cluster, it is the one meant for you as the vibrations of that particular stone match yours.

Crytals as healing tools

Crystals have long been used for their curative effects. Earlier they were used in the preparation of tinctures, they are also worn as amulets and talismans for their protective characteristics. Also given importance for their ability to enhance the energy fields of the body, they emit uniform vibrations in harmony with the natural vibrations of the human body.

It is said that crystals have the ability to rebroadcast energy from the universal mind so your “inner self” can pick it up granting you heightened perception. A crystal is a focus for this knowledge and it magnifies and transmits psychic energy and healing powers.

Although it is the mind that really heals, the quartz amplifies this effect and enhances the power of the mind and will power. The mind and other influences can in turn activate the immune system. Quartz crystals also enhance the meditative state and allow one to enter an alpha state more easily.

Ancient preists believed quartz was a divine gift that defied all evil. It could dissolve enchantments and spells and effectively worked against black magic. As a magical talisman, crystal has never been equalled.

Recent research has shown that the body’s immune system can be turned on and off by external influences. One’s mental attitude is supremely important in healing also. In fact, metaphysical healers have been saying this for years.

Programming and clean your crystals

It is important to clean a crystal immediately after it has been bought, as you do not know the kind of impressions it could be carrying. It should be soaked in salt water overnight and then washed properly and left in the sunlight and then put in a place where incense and fire is present to purify it. This is to clean it of the existing negative influences and the impressions it carried from the past.

Once you start wearing on, it is important to clean it every once in a while. All you need to do is run it under water and imagine all the negativity or the past impressions it has accumulated being washed out.

Since the crystal amplifies all of what you are thinking and visualising, it is called programming the crystal. It is very important to program a crystal to benefit you, as it may just magnify the feelings that are occurring in you at that time. If there’s a great deal of negative emotions, the crystal will magnify this. Program it with the purpose you wish to achieve. Programming basically means charging your crystal by focussing your desires into the crystal

On completion of the programming, it is best to keep the crystal close to your body by wearing it, or you could carry it in your pocket. Like the tape recorder, the crystal keeps repeating its impressed vibrations indefinitely. This means that while you are busy at work, driving a car, dictating, using the telephone or doing other daily tasks, the crystal keeps reminding the body and its components of the original intent. This keeps the goal constantly active while your five senses are occupied with routine tasks.

Where can a person get crystals?

Crystals are generally available in many New Age stores, shops that store Feng Shui paraphernalia in the form of pendants, pyramids, pointed wands, rods, pyramids, healing wands, Sri Yantras, or just clusters, balls, paperweights and others and in different shapes and sizes. Some crystals are milky and shady with many impurities and the some transparent. White quartz crystals are the most popular of all as they have several uses. Crystals are also not as expensive as gemstones. A 1.5 inch crystal will cost about Rs 40 -50.

It is said that when one begins work with crystals, one will gradually start becoming aware of an energy or force greater than what one presently contains. This force has been called the higher self and it encompasses that which one is capable of becoming – we in our highest potential and glory. It is your perfected self. Quartz crystals help one tune with the higher aspect of one’s personality and evolve and achieve harmony with nature.

Generally white and transparent, when chemical impurities are present, a crystal will be tinted in shades of yellow, rose blue and green. Each one has some special significance.

White crystals – It is a plain white crystal and is used for protection, energising and channelising the energy and for the purpose of fulfilling your plans.

Rose quartz – It is a gentle, pale to medium pink, translucent form of quartz. It is important for giving and receiving love. It helps dissolve the Karmic burdens.

Amethyst – capricorn birthstone – It is a regal violet gemstone, which is supposed to bring luck, ensure constancy, and offer protection against magic. It has a calming influence on the nervous system and opens up spiritual channels

Carnelian – Virgo Birthstone – It is an orange red stone and is good for people who are absent minded, confused and unfocused. It banishes fear and is a good healing stone.

Tigers eye – It is a beautiful, golden brown shiny stone and this stone helps people gain insight into their own faults and to think more clearly.

Tourmalinated quartz
– Clear quartz with black, brown, green and silver threads of tourmaline running through it. It can aid in eliminating negative conditioning patterns and increases mental awareness.

Opal – libra birthstone – One of the mysterious of all gems, it has luminescent reds and purples in it. It is said to help in all diseases of the eye and to sharpen and strengthen the sight.