The Magical Powers of Crystals & Gemstones

Learn to use crystals and gemstones to attract more abundance, love, healing and happiness into your life

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of gemstones and crystals. It’s truly amazing the colors that nature has created. But these beautiful stones do more than just please the eye–they have powers to calm, energize, speed healing, attract love…the list goes on. Gemstones have a vibrational frequency that affects different parts of the body, as well as different needs. Before you laugh, remember, quartz is used in clocks, computers, and telecommunications. So open your mind and allow stones and crystals to enhance your life.

I’ve got the crystal…Now what?

After choosing the right color (see the list at the end of this page), you need to do a few things to the stone to prepare it for use. First, rid yourself of tension; gemstone powers work easier when you are in a relaxed state physically, mentally and emotionally. Now, the stone needs to be “cleared.” You can do this several ways, but I like to submerge it in salt water, nature’s purifier. Or you can light some incense (like sandalwood or frankincense) and pass the stone several times through the smoke. Next, “charge” up the gemstone with your special request. Hold it in your dominant hand (if right handed, use right hand; left-handed, use left hand), and concentrate on your need. Visualize your request going down your arm and into the stone. Now, your stone is ready to work for you. You can wear it (in a ring or necklace), carry it with you (don’t let others touch it…they may scramble the energy), put it under your pillow at night. You could also lie down and place the stone on your body, but it’s good to know exactly where to place it (Read up on chakras). For love you would put it near your heart. For communication, near your throat. You can increase the focus of gemstone energy by lighting a candle of the same color.

Crystals & Gemstones Colors

Love Attraction: Pink stones like Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite
Mental Concentration: Yellow stones like Citrine or Gold Topaz
Stamina/Sex: Red stones like Garnet or Ruby
Better Communication: Blue stones like Turquoise or Blue Topaz
Dreams/Meditation: Purple stones like Amethyst or Fluorite
Calming/Peace: Blue stones like Aquamarine or Blue Topaz
Money Attraction:
Green stones like Malachite or Aventurine
Protection: Black stones like Black Tourmaline or Onyx
Psychic Powers: Indigo stones like Azurite or Lapis Lazuli
Courage: Red stones like Garnet or Ruby
Healing: Clear Quartz Crystal or Hematite
Grounding: Brown or Black stones like Tiger Eye or Onyx

These are just a few examples of the properties of gemstones. There are hundreds of other stones, metals, and crystals that can be used for your special purposes. If you don’t have a certain colored gemstone, charge up a clear quartz crystal to radiate that energy. It can always be substituted for any color.