What a pearl can do for you

A pearl can influence your love life, cure a migraine and even dissipate anger… among other benefits !

Which woman does not own a set of pearls? They are perfect for every occasion, have been part of a woman’s adornment for centuries, and according to astrology, influence one’s love life and fortune.

The pearl is called moti or mukta in Hindi and Sanskrit, and mukhavid in Persian. Pearls have been used in jewellery for about 6,000 years. In their natural state, they are glossy and lustrous, and therefore require no processing. That is one of the main reasons that in Hindu myth and folklore, the pearl is considered the symbol of purity.

Astrological significance

In astrology, the Moon is considered to rule the pearl. In India, especially, the pearl is considered very auspicious because it is known to influence its wearer’s fortune, health and love life. However, an astrologer will prescribe the wearing of a pearl only on the basis of the position of the moon in a person’s birth chart.

The kind of pearl that one wears is also known to influence its wearer. For instance, the best kind to wear are those that are white or slightly pinkish in colour, and glossy in appearance. A black spot on a pearl is considered inauspicious and such a gem, called a Crow’s pearl in astrological parlance, is believed to bring ill luck to the wearer.

Ideally speaking, you should wear a pearl that weighs about two or four carats, and though most astrological texts suggest that it should be set in silver, some do mention that a pearl set in gold has more prophylactic value. If you intend to wear a pearl set in a ring, it should be worn on the index finger of either hand, though some astrologers say that it could be worn on the little finger also.

However, according to astrology, the little finger is supposed to be governed by the planet Mercury, which is believed to be hostile to the Moon, so I would advise that you wear it on the index finger. Wearing a pearl on Sunday, Monday or Thursday proves very favourable and propitious for its wearers too.


Did you know that birthstones are traditionally linked to the zodiac signs?

Its impact on women

Women suffering from frequent headaches and migraines, or menstrual irregularities are believed to benefit immensely by wearing this gem. Those who want to wear a pearl for its astrological significance would find the pearl more potent if they wear single pearls set in gold as earrings. One shouldn’t also set pearls in combination with diamonds, blue sapphires, hessonite or emeralds, as the pearl doesn’t harmonise with their ruling planets. A single pearl set in a ring worn on the index finger on the right hand is prescribed as the solution for controlling anger in men. And a single pearl worn in a fine, thin gold chain around the neck is also believed to bring good luck in love for single women.