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How to make money in college

During our studies we have many wishes. We want to get out of town all the time, we want to travel, we want to let a better host or pay our home, take a girl to the city, or go for a football game.

For all this you need money. Yes, we live in a time when everything is on the money. Most of the time, parents work for hours to support their child in college, and many of the children do not even go to college.

I want to recommend this article to those students who want more from their own person and who want to stop thinking about how to ask parents for money to buy what they want. At the same time, the article is especially for those who are in the first place.

Below we have found some practical ways for these students. These are just ideas and little tips for everyone. It all depends on you, you choose what suits you and what you want to get on the road.

All I can tell you is that you can make money during your studies without affecting your faculty. Do not you think you’d better start working for yourself and stop waiting for money?

If your answer is YES, then let me introduce some ideas on how to make money in college.



How to make money on a student without neglect your studies

The Online Environment will always be a good source of income for a student

Are you passionate about the online environment and want to do more than just sit on facebook, play and watch movies?

I am of the opinion that any young man today needs to know how to sell himself online. In addition to his own image he can learn how to handle this environment in a material benefit to him.

If you are passionate about a particular field, you can start a blog and write articles about what you like. Newer niche blogs are looking for newer ones, and less general ones. Niche blogs are those blogs that deal with a specific subject in great detail. An example is this blog where you are where I deal with the most detailed and educational topics related to financial education.

How can you make money from blogs? From affiliate marketing, from adsense, from collaborations with other companies, from advertorials, and so on. Here is a complete list of how to make money from blogs.

If you do not want blogging, you can make a niche site to promote products, services, and make money from affiliate marketing. There are quite a few that work in Romania. Here is an interesting article about sites that are going well with Marius affiliation in Romania.

You can make money from CPC sites. All you have to do is solve certain online tasks promoted by different sites. Here’s an article I wrote about this topic. For this method you do not need either site or specific programming knowledge.

I recommend these. There are certainly many other things you can try. Depends greatly on time and what you are passionate about. However, I think if you are a student you should be passionate about all the fields. It’s time to learn as much as possible, especially from the online environment.

Have you heard of the term freelancing so far? Freelancing can be translated as a freelancer, that is, working for you. It’s not necessarily a business in the true sense of the word, but it can be considered a pre-business experience.

You are mostly alone and work on projects according to the services you can do.

The services you can offer can be from the simplest (eg, write a small text about a particular service) to the most complex ones that you can think and work with a client for a much longer period.

The most common freelancing jobs are online marketing, but many more can be found. If you have no experience, I think you should do one.

Freelancing works very well with the first method I introduced to you above. Learn how the online environment works, and after doing some freelancing services.

Develop a small business to meet a necessity

This is one of the slightly heavier ideas, but I think it is one of the most fun and educational ideas. It has the greatest hope of growth in the future. Who knows how to turn into a business in all respects.

You just need to find a need for those around you. I saw young people who have opened a small business to carry food and drink to parties and who did everything to do with consumables (Boozer), saw young people who opened small kiosks in which they were doing all kinds of fresh fresheners for passers-by, we saw young people who launched a small bicycle courier business.

What do these ideas have in common?

They are made with a minimum of investment, are creative businesses that cover a direct need in society. Definitely not the only such ideas. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, I think this idea laughs the most. You may even find a friend to associate with him.

Apply to Interships paid by companies

There are many SMEs or multinationals who are looking for students in practice and even offer a small salary for the work done in the firm.

Certainly the program is easier, you can go to college each time, and the money is good enough to cover much of your daily expenses.

Plus it’s even more interesting. Intership is considered as a period of practice and will help you with the CV after completing the student’s term.

Get a Part-Time Job

At a small search on recruitment platforms you will find plenty of part time jobs, that is jobs where you have to work half-time.

To make your day easier, I did a little research on you.


The ones I mentioned above are the most practical and handy ideas of how you can make money during your studies.

Careful! We’ve only chosen those ideas that will not neglect your relationship with college.

If I sit and think a little, I tell you that the ideas do not matter. I personally can give you about 10-15-20 ideas, but that does not matter.

The best idea is what you put into practice. Whether it’s a personal business, part-time jobs, freelancing or interships, the choice of doing something during your studies is yours.

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