How to build muscle without lifting weights

Exercises where you use only your own body weight, can be excellent for developing strength and muscle mass.

… and therefore they are excellent for ensuring you a beautiful weight and a body of envy that will not disappear so easily in time.

Moreover, executed in a certain rhythm and structure, they can be very valuable to get rid of unwanted body fat as quickly as possible and to define your body as attractive as possible.

All this from the comfort of your own home.

But unfortunately, most people completely miss bodyweight exercises.

The biggest mistake that people make about body weight workouts is that they don’t train for what they want to achieve.

A classic example push-ups. Many people try to do hundreds of pushups in order to increase muscle mass or strength. Totally wrong.

The second mistake worth mentioning is the lack of a correct progression.

Most people try to increase the number of repetitions, instead of increasing the intensity by switching to a heavier version of the exercise.

And as I have explained several times, a large number of repetitions will only bring a minimum endurance gain. Otherwise, it does not help in the development of muscle mass, it does not help in increasing strength and it does not help in defining it.

Once you can do more than 10 or, for some muscles, 20 repetitions, you must go to the next level of intensity, if not all you do is a useless “cardio” effort.

Next, I will present briefly 15 of the most valuable body weight exercises that will allow you to grow more and more in strength and muscle mass without using dumbbells, dumbbells or other external weights. In random order, the exercises are:

1. Complete pullups

The pullups performed throughout the range of motion will develop your large back and bring you that impressive V-aspect, faster than any other exercise.

Note: It is worthwhile to try many other pinch variants over time.

An impressive enough number for full repetitions, performed over the entire range of motion, is 12 (in a single series).

If it is already easy for you to do so, you can move on to another variant of the exercise. In any case, the use of several types of sockets is recommended.

For middlemen, a good target is over 50 and less than 100 repetitions per week, gathered over several series and training days.

2. Climb on the rope

Another great exercise for the back, biceps and forearms. The purpose is to climb, helping yourself only by the arms, on a string hanging from the ceiling.

3. Reverse Ramat

The variants – in other words, drawn horizontally (not vertically as in traction) – are a basic component of a well-balanced training program, using both the development of middle / upper back thickness and the avoidance of shoulder pain. .

In the basic form, the exercise is practically the inverse of a float. It can be made under a fixed support (a bar or the edge of a table) or using an anchoring system such as TRX or rings.

To increase the difficulty you can position the body more horizontally, do the repetitions slower, lie the contraction at the top, lift one leg and many more.

4. Front lever
This exercise is a static maintenance borrowed from gymnastics, for which you need a lot of strength in the back, forearms and core.

5. Muscle Up

One of the most impressive exercises, especially when performed slowly.

The exercise consists of a traction followed by a downward push, the difficult part being in the transition between the two.

Five perfect repetitions is a pretty good target for the vast majority of people.

7. Pushups

Many top coaches believe pushups (right) exercise exeptional, recommending them often exchange barbell or dumbbells pushed to improve posture, prevent shoulder pain and develop certain muscles often ignored in the gym.

8. Vertical Pushups

Vertical pushups put much more emphasis on the shoulders and upper trapezius than normal pushups.

8. Gun Squats

Body weight knee extensions are far too light to provide enough intense stimulation and build a truly fit and attractive body.

On the other hand, leg variants, such as “Pistol Genuflections” are excellent for developing the lower body muscles, balance, coordination and stability.

Like most exercises listed in this article, gun genuflections may require several weeks of training to do them correctly, but it is fully worth the “investment.”

Obviously there are many more exercises that can be performed without the help of dumbbells, dumbbells or appliances. If you still have at hand elastic bands that can provide more resistance against certain movements, the number of exercises will increase greatly and you will be able to progress for long periods of time without going to the gym.

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