How Martial Arts Can Improve Your Fitness

Many women take up Martial Arts for various reasons. Some women want to feel safe and take it up to aid in self-defense, whilst others view it as something to take up with friends once or twice a week as a hobby.

Others still feel it offers a great exercise regime compared with going to the gym. A lot of women will take it up for all these reasons.

Learning a Martial Art is a great workout for the body. It can improve your fitness in a great many ways:

Cardiovascular and Stamina

Martial arts require a lot of movement. Often fast paced and intense bursts of speed are part and parcel of the regime for such arts as boxing and kickboxing.

A strong cardiovascular workout will improve your overall cardio ability. Getting the blood pumping through the heart and veins strongly on a regular basis through exercise and training will make you healthier and strengthen the heart.

Weight Loss

Obviously, one of the key benefits of taking up Martial Arts is that you can lose weight. Through repeated exercises and training, you’ll see the effects. On average, if you participate in an hour of martial arts training then you could potentially lost 500 calories. Doing this 2-3 times a week will shed about half a pound of fat from the frame.

Muscle Tone

It goes without saying that taking up a martial art will ensure you use muscles you probably never thought you would use, or indeed have. Through repeated regimes, you can tone up and strengthen your muscular frame. This will have the benefit of shaping your body a lot tighter.


Martial arts often require the same routine to be performed again and again. This is helpful as it will aid muscle memory, in turn enhancing your reflexes, coordination and speed.

You’ll react faster and this can carry over to the regular activities you perform in your daily life. Everything from crossing the road to carrying the shopping can be done sharper and more effectively.


It’s important not to forget the mental benefits of taking up martial arts. The body and the mind are linked, so if the body is starting to perform better, it stands to reason that your mind will improve too.

The relief of stress and anxiety through exercise can lead to a feeling of well-being and a generally better mood overall!

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