Tips To Find the Perfect Swimsuit

It’s the time of year again where ladies everywhere are taking time to get ready for the summer.

While they might be planning vacations to exotic locations and fun in the sun with friends, they’re also working hard to get their body beach-ready. Working off the extra pounds that the cold winter provided is hard work.

A new bathing suit is the perfect reward for all the hard work and hard workouts that lead up to summer.

By remembering a few simple rules, finding the most flattering bathing suit can be easy.

Put Function First

Before stepping foot into a store and especially before trying on any suits, the best bathing suit shoppers will already know what they want to get out of a suit.

Think about the destination of the swimsuit as well as the events in the upcoming summer.

The girls planning plenty of poolside tanning sessions will require a different suit than the ones scheduling surf sessions all summer long.

Suits that are wanted for relaxing without much action can be itsy-bisty with intricate details as fancy as Swarovski crystals or as eye-catching as barely-there bottoms held together with ornate hardware.

The more activity the suit is going to get, the more basic and reliable the design should be.

No one wants any wardrobe issues at the beach so plan to incorporate more coverage and sturdier straps for suits meant to splash, surf, and snorkel in.

Don’t Miss the Price Point

Sometimes, it seems like the smaller the swim suit, the bigger the price tag. Although designer suits come with designer prices, it’s possible to get a better deal when the suit is a staple.

Solid color suits in classic silhouettes are easier to find at lower priced retailers.

Plan to buy pieces that can be mixed and matched at lower prices. If the price is right, consider squeezing one signature designer suit into the mix.

Buy lower priced tops and bottoms to mix and match with the signature suit.

Building a bathing suit wardrobe shouldn’t break the bank. It’s just a matter of planning pieces that work well together and finding the more basic shapes and patterns at a lower price point.

Shopping smart will help leave some dollars left over for the amazing suit that can’t be found at a lower price.

It’s All About YOU

This season’s hottest suits are designed in fresh colors and have elegant details. With frills, ruffles, deep v necklines, and asymmetrical straps, there are options out there for every body type.

Even the wide array of colors allows complementary shades for every skin tone to easily be found.

From aqua-inspired blues and turquoises to feminine pinks and purples, there are fun colors for everyone to choose from. Pick out colors and silhouettes that look good and flatter they body that will be in them.

Even more importantly, swimsuits should be chosen based on comfort. Uncomfortable swimsuits, no matter how good they look on the hanger or on the mannequin in the store, or even on the wearer, will be left at home and substituted for something that feels good and can be worn without readjusting or worrying. The key to picking out the swimsuit with the perfect fit will always be to find what works and makes the body in it feel the best.

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