Women: Just because you’re a lawyer doesn’t mean you have to dress like one

Ever watch Law and Order? Notice how the guys all wear the same boring looking black suit and women plain black pant suits? 

It’s only on an exciting day that they pull out some exciting colored tie or scarf.  If you’re an aspiring lawyer please don’t fall into this trend.  There are so many options available to you.  

Ok – you may not be able to lose the suit all together but accessories can totally be your thing!  Check out these suggestions before you step into the courtroom.


Don’t be that gal wearing boring black dress shoes into the court room.  Why not show off to the world your style with a slick pair of heals?

Or if that’s a little extreme for your tastes how about one that actually has color to it?  It’s a subtle difference that will truly set you apart from the other attorneys.

Pocket Scarfs

Want something to set you apart without having to put much effort into it?  Invest in pocket scarfs. 

Not only does it add some color to your outfit but it livens everything up too.  No longer do you have to wear black coat, black pants and black shoes. 

Adding color is not only still appropriate but will absolutely distinguish you in a crowd of lawyers.  

Colored Suits

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to suits is that everyone seems to think their limited to BLACK.

  Now almost any woman looks good in a black suit but you’re trying to distinguish yourself from the crowd.  Look into subtle pinstripes or go wild and even wear a grey coat or maybe even blue. 

Talk about setting yourself apart from the crowd and making a fashion statement at the same time. 

Your legal knowledge will speak for yourself but when you leave the courthouse everyone else will be talking about your sheik apparel!


Want to talk about a single accessory that can set you a part as an individual?  Purchase a nice set of cufflinks! 

I’m not talking about your k-mart cough links I’m talking about some really nice embroidered ones that will make people want to stop you to take a second look.  Don’t think cufflinks are for women?

Think again – they make some really cute ones that can be a great addition to your wardrobe. If you like the extra attention you could even get ones that have diamond studs or something else that’s equally flashy.  Use your imagination!

Too often individuals think they have to “dress the part” for their job and they might be right.  However, that doesn’t give you an excuse for not being stylish! Take these guidelines in consideration and push them to the edge. 

Being boring isn’t fun and looking like everyone else should be the last thing you want to do.

  Becoming a lawyer  should already make you want to stand out from the crowd.  Prove to the world that there are attorneys out there that know how to dress!

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