Full body laser hair removal

Shaving can be a hassle. Even beyond the time it takes each day for women to shave, for some with sensitive skin it can be extremely painful.

Laser hair removal has been growing in popularity recently as a way for women to permanently rid themselves of the task of having to shave or tweeze on a regular basis.

Many women have turned to laser hair removal for their legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, and even areas on the face. While laser hair removal is effective for permanent hair removal, there are a few things you should be aware of before you choose to have the procedure done.

Do Your Research

Because laser hair removal is becoming so popular, it’s very common for these procedures to now be offered at med spas by a traditional esthetician rather than a medical doctor.

Certification can vary by state, so it’s very important to find out the prior experience and certifications of your doctor or esthetician (if at a med spa) before your treatment. Do some research online as well to see what other’s experiences have been at the particular location you’re interested in.

Know Your Skin Type and Fill Out Forms Correctly

It’s important to be aware of your skin type before your treatments. It’s also essential that you fill out your new patient forms with as much accuracy as possible, as the professional doing your treatment will determine the laser settings according to the information you provide them.

List all medications or topical treatments you use or have used recently that may make your skin more sensitive. Also be aware of how much sun your skin has been in, particularly the area that is going to be treated. The more pigment skin has, the harder it is for the laser to differentiate between the hair and the skin.

Insist on a Test Area

Everyone’s skin reacts differently to laser hair removal treatments. Unfortunately, burns from laser treatments occur more often than you might think.

If you are uncertain about how your skin reacts to laser hair removal treatments, it’s wise to have a small area tested first. Burns from laser treatments can be extremely painful and unsightly and can even lead to scarring. Insisting on a pre-treatment test area can help you prevent future complications with burns as a result of incorrect laser settings or skin sensitivities.

What to Expect During Treatments

Depending on the coarseness of the hair in the treatment area, it can take between 6-10 treatments to completely remove all of the hair permanently. You will generally start to see the hair thinning out or becoming sparser after 3-4 treatments.

Some people experience more pain than others during the procedure, and some choose to use numbing creams or anti-inflammatory pills before their appointment. Be sure to communicate with to professional administering your treatment if you feel the laser is causing too much discomfort. You could also click here for more information on laser hair removal.  

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