How You Might Be Wearing Your Blush Wrongly

Blush has been a favourite and an essential part of women’s makeup for centuries, and for good reason.

It brings instant warmth and sensuality to the face. But you know what they say about too much of a good thing!

To help you avoid applying your blush wrongly, we’ve compiled a list of all the things you should avoid doing, so you can get the best effect from your blush.

1. Using the wrong shade:

Choosing the wrong blush shade can have disastrous effects. Not only can it make you look hideous and off-colour, but it can really spoil your entire look. To avoid all that, make sure to take your time when purchasing your blush.

Just like with foundation, you should carefully try on different shades on the back of your hand until you find one that compliments your skin tone. If you have fair skin, go for a pale pink – it looks natural and gives you a subtle glow.

Think twice about other shades as they can end up looking too orange for your fair skin tone. Peach is a very flattering shade universally for pretty much any skin tone so you know it’s a safe choice while apricot shades are perfect for medium skin tones due to its warmth.

If you have darker olive skin, you’ll be happy with orange-peach tones that will complement your warm tones.

2. Exaggerating the amount:

It’s a common mistake to put on too much blush. With the wrong lighting in your bathroom or your home, you may not even notice it until you’re already out of the house. The key to avoiding this is to begin with light brush strokes and slowly add layers until you have a natural looking blush shade.

Another good tip is to apply your makeup in a well-lit environment that’ll allow you to see your progress clearly as you apply the blush, so you don’t overdo it.

3. Not considering the shape of your face:

Applying blush on the traditional areas like the cheekbones doesn’t work for everyone. Different face shapes require unique blush application.

For example, applying blush on the side of the cheeks works best for a round shaped face whereas boxy or heart shaped faces require blush to be applied on the apples of your cheeks. And if you’ve got a longer and more oval shaped face, then focus the blush on your cheekbones to accentuate them more.

4. Using the wrong tools:

It’s possible to mess up your blush application by using an entirely inappropriate tool.

Although women have depended on their fingers to apply blush, technology has now graced us with tools that make blush application easier and more efficient. Things like dual fiber and blush specific brushes make for a smooth finish and make it less likely for you to make mistakes.

Another thing, because blush comes in different formulas you’ll need corresponding brushes for best results. Like using natural brush for a powder based blush, and a synthetic brush for a liquefied blush.

5. Applying blush further down the cheeks than necessary:

This particular blunder can make you look super old, tired and just plain odd. To avoid, sweep the blush right along the cheeks in a seamless upward movement.

An awesome tip from supermodel Tyra Banks is to smile while applying the blush so that the apples of your cheeks pop up. That way you can’t miss the important areas even if you tried.

Works every time. Unless your face is heart shaped that is, at which point you’d have to focus the brush below your cheekbones for a sharp and edgy look.

6. Applying blush dangerously lower than necessary:

Doing this can make you look like a clown, which is obviously not the look you were going for. Again, smiling while applying the blush also helps with this, along with frugally brushing your blush along the cheekbone.

7. Trying to combine a powder based blush with a liquid foundation:

It’s important to only apply a powder blush with a powder foundation to avoid the blush clumping in patchy streaks on your cheeks. In the same vein, you’ll get a more efficient and seamless finish if you apply a liquid blush over liquid foundation and finish off with setting powder. If using a powder foundation and blush, then set your foundation with setting powder before applying the blush.

8. Applying blush much later into your makeup routine:

Applying your blush should come as the next step after foundation and contouring, just before blending with your highlighter which should be your last step. Unless of course you have a high sheen blush at which point you can forego the highlighter altogether. It’s also nice to co-ordinate your blush shade with your lipstick shade to create a harmonized look.

9. Not applying enough

Conversely, you might not be applying enough to the point that it doesn’t even show up in photos! This of course defeats the purpose of applying blush in the first place since you’re wanting to achieve a natural glow to add definition to your features and your overall looks.

10. Forgetting To Use A Primer First

Again, there’s no point skipping this step and applying powder blush right on your skin without a good base. Your blush will literally slip right off and you’ll just find yourself having to reapply multiple times throughout the day. Always use a primer first before you apply powder blush to help your blush last through the day and to help get the effect that you’re after.

11. Choosing The Wrong Formula

Just like foundation, there are various types of formulas when it comes to blushes. You can choose from powder or cream usually. For dry skin, powder blushes are certainly not the preferred choice as it will not blend well and merely sit on top of your skin looking flakey instead. Try to opt for cream textures as they definitely blend in a lot better and are known to last longer too.


Of course, it’s not quite deadly to wear blush wrongly, but it can make you look horrendous.

Fortunately, with the above tips, we’ve broken down blush application into the exact science that it is to help you avoid looking like a Russian doll and more like the slaying Belle of the ball that you are.

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