Perfect Nails for Perfect Feet

Sometimes visiting the salon to have your nails done is wearing since you are in need of traveling for you to have the perfect pedicure. Thus, it may also cause you a little delay for your scheduled dates.

But, if you got your own personal tools, a nail clipper lying around you and little skills of cutting and brushing your nails, you don’t need to worry of the looks of your nails anymore.

Anytime, even late at night, you can start cleaning your nails to have yourself prepared for a date.

Here, follow the guide to help you do the perfect pedicure.

During in a hurry situation, cutting corners of your nails is your tactic (bad!). Well, that is bad when you are doing a pedicure.

Clip correctly as much as possible. Cutting the outer edges of your nails may hurt you. You are more susceptible to ingrown and infections if you are doing this way.

Trim your nails straight across. Use a standard nail cutter for a safe cutting.

Don’t dare the world to look at your cracked and scaly soles. Find an exfoliating rubdown and foot file to buff the heels and balls of your feet.

During summer, usually your feet are exposed to air. As a result it ends up with a cracked skin.

When this happen, soak your feet in warm water. You can mix a tea-tree oil solution to make the result even better. This will keep your feet soft and fissure-free. After drying your feet, slather a moisturizer in it.

Push yourself. By cleaning your nails, nudge back your cuticles before applying any polish.

Rub your nails with cuticle oil and use an orange stick to push the skin back from the nail.

You only need a little pressure in doing this to avoid hurting yourself. Remember don’t do scratching like what you do in lotto scratch-off ticket. Don’t forget to clean your under nails with a stick.

Do the painting. To make your nails look fabulous, have it painted with a nice color polish. You can do the single coating or double coating, depending on your taste.

Brush down the middle of the nail first before covering the entire nail. Apply a little pressure when brushing a polish on the nail so it fans out. Make sure you can cover the entire nail in three strokes. Lastly, topcoat your painted nail with a colorless to make it glossier.


Have your personal tools sterilize before you use them. Bacteria build up in your manicure/pedicure set and it can cause infection. Soak them in hot water for 15 minutes when you want to use it. Put also some mild soak in hot water.

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