How much is a french manicure?

The French manicure is actually the idea of a Hollywood make-up artist, although the license belongs to the French. Jeff Pink, the stylist who played with shades, paid tribute to Parisian fashion podiums and added the “French” adjective to an American manicure model.

News on the same topic Epilation, a chore for beauty 2012 Manicure: Transparency or Opulence The man who worked as a make-up artist during the ’70s in Los Angeles, became the author of the most famous manicure model. The Hollywood actresses needed a classic and at the same time elegant manicure, the basic attributes of the French.

After crossing the Ocean, Jeff Pink brought the “natural nail look” model to Paris and called it a French manicure in honor of his European friends. Today, French manicure is one of the most popular models.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Rihanna and singer BeyoncĂ© are just a few of her main followers. Talented and creative, Pink decided to start her own nail care company called Orly International, a business that later became a trademark under the title of “The Original French Manicure”.

One of the most popular and oldest styles for manicure, the French one, is still in the top of women’s preferences, regardless of the season. Here are some tricks for having a perfect French manicure at home:

Step 1: Prepare your nail

In this step you give the desired nail shape and prepare it for the next steps. Use the battery to get the shape you want. Attention: the edges of the nails will be nailed, not their length. For perfect results and to avoid that awful moment when you cling to something and break it, it grinds under your fingernail. Then get rid of the cuticles. They have nothing to do with a French manicure. Finally, use a glow battery and a nail strengthening serum to revitalize them.

Step 2: Choose a basic color

If the lake chosen as the final color is not opaque, you can use it as a first coat. Otherwise, choose the base of a transparent lake with fast drying. If you hurry, you can use a spray to speed up drying. If you’re not in a hurry … wait.

Step 3: Determine the limits of the white part

In the French manicure, the white part is not only very important, but also representative. Regardless of the shape chosen for the nail, the technique used will be the same. After the base layer has dried, use scotch tape or special strips for French manicure. You will place the chosen tape so that where the tape ends, the area for the white oyster will begin. After the white peel dries, we remove the tape from a movement.

Step 4: Apply the final varnish

Depending on the desired effect, choose the final lake. For a clear delineation, use a transparent one. To add a splash of color, choose nail polishes in nude or light pink shades.

EXTRA: you can improvise!

If you like the idea of a French manicure, but do not convince the right shades, you can improvise in terms of colors, special crafts. You can try a French manicure using two shades of the same color, you can use color only for the part of the nail that is colored white, you can play with the contrast between matte and glossy, matte and metallic or you can make thin lines to highlight the white side using a very thin brush.

How much does a french cost in the salon?

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