How can I make my manicure last longer?

Do you want to have a manicure that looks after a week as fresh at the beauty salon? Take into account some handy tips, with which you can restore your manicure without taking it from scratch.

Before painting your nails with your favorite nail, wipe them well with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar.

It will thoroughly clean all impurities and debris from the lake. In addition it will create a protective barrier between the nail and the lake. After drying, you can apply the paint.

1. Do not soak nails in water before peeling. At the manicure salon, the cosmetic woman is used to wetting your nails to soften the cuticles.

This can affect the final result, because if you do not dry the nails and skin around them properly, the water will lift the skin barely dry. You can use oil especially for softening the cuticles.

2. Bend your nails in a shape that allows you to leave the cuticles as they are, without cutting them with the shears. The right shape is ideal for keeping the cuticles.

3. Apply a nail polish before the varnish, so that your manicure will last longer.

4. In most cases the nail will jump from the nail to the top when writing sms or typing on the computer. Apply lacquers the upper half of the nail, then once again over its entire length. This way, the manicure will not be pinched and will last for several days.

6. The glass bottle should not be shaken from top to bottom. Try to stir the peel, rubbing the bottle between your palms. This will prevent air bubbles from peeling, which can affect the appearance of the manicure.

7. When you dry the nail on the nail, use cold air, not warm. The latter blocks the drying process of the nail polish. You can also dry the lake by keeping your fingers in cold water.

8. Apply a transparent nail polish every two to three days to restore the appearance of the manicure, giving it resistance and giving it a gloss.

9. When washing hands use a mild soap liquid soap. Disinfectant soaps containing alcohol and other aggressive skin cleansing agents and nail polish.

10. If you have a gel manicure and nail growth ruins its appearance, use glitter applications to restore it.

You can use this technique whenever you want, provided you do not abuse it, because otherwise you will get an unhappy and, at the same time, carefree result.

11. If the peel has jumped off the nail at the top, you can use the French manicure effect to hide the uncoated areas.

12. When washing dishes or doing housework and using chemicals, use gloves if you want to protect your manicure.

I’m not a fan of a single shape when it comes to nails. I prefer to experiment and here I have the skill. Depending on the mood and how much my nails have grown, I opt for either a straight or an oval pattern. I use a slightly abrasive battery so that I don’t break or scratch my nails too hard. I always opt for Melkior angle skins because I get used to them and they fit me best!

How do I prepare my nails and what tricks for a tough manicure?

I told you at first that I was given coconut oil an hour before I started to put the nail polish. I do this for two reasons: 1. I give the oil enough time to act and 2. I also have enough time to remove it from the nails so that it does not affect their quality when applying the nail.

After removing my cuticles, I wash my hands thoroughly to remove the residues of coconut oil. Then, on some floppy disks made of cotton, I dissolve and wipe my nails with it. This way I remove excess fat and any remaining residue on the nail surface.

How do I apply the nail polish?

One of the few tricks for a resilient manicure I know for a long time is how you apply the varnish. Never, if you want to resist your manicure, you should not stop at the end of the nail. To give it extra strength, one that makes a difference in time, apply the nail and under the nail, to somehow seal the end of the nail.

Thus, the peel will not jump so quickly when washing dishes or washing your head. I tried!

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