Buy Clothes Online Like a Pro and Get a Perfect Fit

What happens when shopping online but the result is not always the one you want? Our guide helps you to avoid this problem.

Online shopping has become commonplace and helps us save a lot of time, but shopping for clothes is still the headache. The sizes may not be correct, or the tailoring may not benefit us. It is disappointing but also a waste of money if the ordered product does not suit us, so we have prepared for you a list of tips to worry about when buying clothes from the online shops.

Consult the measurement table of the store

If you are shopping online for a long time, you probably already know this, but it is important to keep in mind especially on websites that sell different brands or designers. They can have their own measurements, so it’s good to start with the table and then start on the road.

Measure your dimensions correctly

It is not enough to know that an M, XL or 39 will fit you. To take the correct measurements, consider the bust, the smallest part of the waist and the area where you close your pants. For the perfect length of the pants measure the inside of the pulp to the knee.

If you are not sure about the measurements, do not hesitate to call a tailor. It will take your steps so that you know exactly what benefits you.

Write down your favorite stores

It may be obvious, but it is still useful to create a list when you find a brand, style or tailor that fits you perfectly. That way, you can quickly find the clothes that will fit you as molds. In this case, you will not even have to consider measurements, you will know exactly how a particular product fits you. This way you will form a favorite set of brands or designers that you know are right for you.

Buy two measures

One trick you can use is to buy two measures if you are unsure. You can choose a smaller size and a larger one if you fit a number between the two. You can then return what you do not want, especially since most sites have a 30-day return policy with no extra costs.

Thus, you no longer have to come back with another order and be another wrong measure or miss a product that sells extremely fast.

If you want to extend your wardrobe, now you will know where to start and what kind of products you should look at and your searches will be more relevant. It will be a very pleasant feeling that when you buy the clothes you want to fit directly in the box, and with a little attention you will be able to make the best decisions for yourself.

I didn’t obsess about brands and didn’t make any fix for a particular store, name, website, fair or place. On the contrary, I am just as happy about a bag found in a flea market and a T-shirt taken from a concept store.

But I have some favorite brands and designers, I noticed that I wear (and buy) almost only sports shoes, I allow myself to have more than # 5 in sunglasses and I have a love-hate relationship with the famous designers’ collaborations with the brands for everyone. I like it, because it’s a way for designers not only to be more accessible to the public, but to get to know them.

Many have learned (and not just H&M collaborations) from names like Erdem, Marni, Maison Margiela, J. W. Anderson, Suicoke, Preen. However, let us not blindly throw ourselves into the basin that has no water and remember that, most of the time, these clothes are not only not worth the money, but they do not bring much with those of the designer in question. But looking at the whole thing can be an interesting exercise.

Marketing, fashion, street fashion, the crowd and a contact not exactly the year we are in. And, with care, patience and patience, interesting things can be found in such collaborations.

About 2-3 per collection 🙂 At most. But because we are still in this chapter, I say quickly that I love collaborations that do not involve mass market stores: between designers and big fashion houses, between 2 designers from different areas or eras, between a concept store and a creator and other mixes from these spheres. They are often taken home. Or at least something interesting to look at as intersections of roads, eras, styles and buyers.

Coming back to today’s theme, I choose, in a mix almost unintelligible, favorite designers, nameless objects, but which conquer my heart, things that take my eyes, functional objects or some to which I give another function. But I try to choose the most natural materials, quality things, made as little as possible in countries like India, China or Bangladesh (and as much as in Italy, France, England or Japan) and keep me as close as possible. I don’t go out every time, but I try to be close every time.

I am looking for all these things in a combination of places:

– sites with all kinds of brands:,, ASOS com; to us it would be, or – but I prefer the sites abroad because they have newer, more varied and, in most cases, cheaper collections;
– outlet stores, either online or TK Maxx, miniPRIX,;
– concept stores: Colette, Dover Street Market;
– talcios, vintage shops or fairs: wherever I find one, from the Cascadelor Valley to the Portobello Market;
– small boutiques: through the cities where I go on vacation – whether they are in London, Stockholm, Berlin or Bucharest;
– stores for everyone: although I avoid ZARA or H&M mammals, I still choose things from COS, Other Stories, Muji or Uniqlo.